Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2 Weeks Left and Going Strong


Things are going well here, no worries. This is my second to last time that I will write because the last monday I`m going to be flying home. Things are going great here. Elder Jensen and I are doing well together. Everyone keeps asking him if I`m ``dead`` (missionary terms for burnt out or not working anymore) and he keeps saying "no" so I have one witness that we are still going strong. The week went by fast. It was mostly sunny so that was great. The investigators are slowly progressing though. We have a family of investigators that aren`t married. They are super awesome and just have a ton of interest in the gospel. The problem is that they can`t get married right now and they don`t go to church. We taught them the law of chastity the other day and they decided that they will do what they can to get married so that they can have an eternal family. Its awesome to think that people are so willing to change their lives for the Lord and to follow his commandments. Things are going great here in the field. I`m excited to see you all, but sad to leave it soon. We have 2 more weeks left, so lets make them count! I love you!


Elder Sayler

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