Tuesday, June 13, 2017

San Vicente de Tagua Tagua (ta-wa ta-wa) and Opening a New Zone


Well, the changes are in! I´m heading out! My last change- I will be in a place called San Vicente de Tagua Tagua (pronounced ta-wa ta-wa). The interesting thing is that I will be training a new Zone Leader there and we will be opening a new zone, La Zona San Vicente! My companion´s name is Elder Jensen. He will be the comp that sends me home. I am a little sad to leave Machalí, but at the same time I am really excited to get to know a new place. The sad thing is that, in my experience, when I have been in a brand new sector, the change always goes VERY VERY quickly. The mission goes by so fast right now that it feels like just yesterday I was starting in Machalí! And now in six weeks I´ll be home! Life is getting loca.

This week we went on two exchanges. I was with a gringo named Elder Shumway. We were in Machalí. It is awesome because more than the miracles that happened and the lessons we taught that day, it was cool to see how much Elder Shumway has progressed. As a zone leader, we are always worried about how the missionaries are doing and how to help them out. One of the most satisfying parts of the assignment is seeing how a missionary progresses over a time period like the 4 months here. 

The other exchange that we did was the last exchange of Elder Arrázola. He was my companion a few months ago and we went on one more exchange before he finished the mission. It had more sentimental value than anything

Well my time in Machalí was great. I am excited to see my new zone and sector. I love you all. Have a fantastic week!


Elder Sayler

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