Monday, April 24, 2017

Ask and Ye Shall Receive


In a service - building a shack
This week was awesome. We are seeing so many blessings from the Lord. We are finding a ton of people to teach. Every week the Lord blesses us with someone. It is thanks to lots of prayer and asking that the Lord puts in our way the people that want and need the gospel. I have seen the promise ´´Ask and ye shall receive´´ that the Lord makes to us in the scriptures fulfilled. We saw a real miracle this week because we found a family that had received the missionaries before a few times and always faught with them about Joseph Smith. We went to their house and we shared for 2 hours about Joseph Smith and why we needed a prophet and a restauration and the importance of it in the world. We left and the wife (that always fights with the missionaries) said that she is going to investigate Joseph Smith and see what happens, but they also asked for a Book of Mormon. If they are willing, they will receive an answer that it is true and then they will get baptized :) The mission is awesome hahaha I´m happy. Next week we will have the changes so we will see if I´m going to stay here in Machal√≠ for another 6 weeks or if I´m going to a different sector. We will see what happens. I love you and hope that you had a great week!


Elder Sayler

going up a hill on Pday

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