Monday, April 17, 2017

20 Minutes To Find Peace


So this week was pretty great. It flew by so fast! The weeks are going crazy. We were able to find another few families to teach the gospel and it is awesome. I love to see how the gospel changes people´s lives. Its awesome because really our big focus has been teaching people through the Easter Initiative this year, the #PrinceOfPeace. It is incredible how many people are looking for the peace in their lives and don´t know how or where to find it. I love to see how people feel after learning that they can find peace and happiness in their lives through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have taught so many people this principle and it literally can change their lives in the 15-20 minutes that we are in their houses. The people in Machal√≠ are great. They are very receptive and the members are great. Yesterday we went on divisions with two young men preparing for their mission. All they wanted to do was come out and work with us. I went with one and we ended up talking with a ton of people and finding a new family that is going to investigate the church. It was great because we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and they invited us to come back another day and have lunch with them and teach them again. It was a huge blessing to be able to teach them the gospel. The mission is going great and we are happy here in Chile. I love you guys and thank you for everything.


Elder Sayler

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