Monday, February 6, 2017

Moving to Machalì


This week was awesome. First of all, there is some news. I`m heading out of Buin and going to a new sector. Its called Machalì. If you remember about a year and a half ago, I went on my first exchange to a little place called Machalì and I loved it and said that I wanted it to be my sector some day. Finally my dream has been realized. Moreover, I`m going as a Zone Leader (still) and my new companion is Elder Gutierrez from Mexico again! He was my companion in Paniahue a year ago (and one of my favorites) and now we are going to be companions again. I am so excited for this next change. In Los Jardìnes I learned so much and we did so much. I learned how to love people and want to help them. I learned how to be a leader. I also learned how to be self sufficient. The mission is awesome because even though it seems to put off real life for two years, it really helps to build up qualities in people and give them experiences that will add to their success in life. So last week we baptized Sebastian. This Saturday is the baptism of Susana. She is an investigator that we found 4 months ago. Because of the fires in the south of Chile we had to postpone her baptismal date until this weekend, so I`m not going to be there for her baptism, but at least I know that she will do it and that she will be making the covenants with God whether I`m here or not. I know that Elder Arràzola will take good care of her as well. The mission is going great. I am so happy to be here and I just try not to think about the house too much to not get homesick hahaha. I love you all and hope to see you next week.


Elder Sayler

PS this computer is full of viruses so im not going to send pics

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