Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy and Hardworking


This was a crazy week. Another week of going to Rancagua every day hahaha. It was still a lot of fun. I got to meet the new zone pretty well this week. They are super tranquil, but they are all awesome Elders and Hermanas. One Elder had his birthday today. He turned 27 YAYYYY! We got to have interviews with President Harris this week on Martes. It was aweseme to be one on one with President Harris and talk about how things are going. We talked a lot about the energy that the missionaries have in the zone. They are all super calm, but we are trying to help them be happier and more energetic in the work. The gospel of Jesus Christ is here to make us peaceful AND happy, so we are trying to help them be more happy working here as well. We set some goals and are working like crazy to help everybody we can. We set a goal as a zone to memorize DyC 4 (the missionary section of Doctrine and Convenants). Elder Gutierrez and I studied it profoundly and then memorized it. Its incredible how much someone can learn from just 7 verses of scripture. We learned that a lot of the time we are trying to work with our strength alone, but the scripture requires our heart, might, mind, and strength, so we miss out on a lot of opportunities if we are here just to serve with strength. Now that we have that section memorized, we never stop thinking about it all day and it just sticks to your mind. I feel like I have really progressed this week just from that. This last weekend we had a baptism of someone named Celinda. She is an older lady that had a paralysis a few years ago so its very hard for her to talk and she doesn´t have use of her right arm or hand. It was so special the baptism because she can´t express herself when she feels the Spirit or when she is happy, but she just cried the whole time because she felt so happy. It was really special. Other than that it was kind of the normal week of work, just out here serving the Lord. I hope everything is going well up there at home. Everything is great here. I love you all.


Elder Sayler

PS the other day I got a package from the Mitchell family and I just wanted to say thank you because is was very special. I love you guys! <3 

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