Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Food Poisoning???


Sorry for not writing yesterday. We got food poisoning hahaha. Well, I just had a stomach ache, but my companion was dying in the house all day so we didn´t even leave. It was a pretty relaxing PDay. This week was awesome. We have been working super hard to be able to share the gospel with everyone that we can find; in the streets, in their houses, in parks, everywhere. We had a focus this week of bearing our testimonies with the Spirit. We had some awesome experiences. One of which was with a young man named Anderson. The last time we passed by to visit him we shared the Restoration and after that he just tried to prove to us that what we taught wasn´t true based on the Bible. Obviously, it wasn´t exactly what we had hoped for. This time we were really careful with how we were going to teach him because we always avoid contention, even if it is with the Bible. We ended up just talking about the similarities in our beliefs, but testifying about ours as much as possible to help him feel the Spirit as much as possible. It was incredible because in the end, instead of trying to prove us wrong, he said that he wants us to come back next week because he felt something different and good when we were talking with him. It was amazing because everything about him changed in one day when we decided to focus on our testimonies. I learned about the power of a testimony and how God always will find a way to touch the hearts of the people who search him out. We also went on exchanges this week with the Elders in Manzanal. I was with a new Brazilian named Elder Bender. It was awesome to get to know him and share with him. We talked to a lady in a park and ended up sharing a lesson with her right there about faith and repentance. She is now investigating the church. It is incredible seeing how the Lord always blesses our lives and puts people in our path that are just waiting for the gospel. Today we had a conference with President Harris. He talked to us about the importance of repentance. We talked about how important it is to repent and be forgiven of our sins. Everyone has sins. The Lord will forgive us if we have faith and repent sincerely. It made me want to repent hahaha. On Monday we got sickish, but now everything is better. Our zone is also doing a lot better and we are working to be able to keep up the progress. Everything is good here. I love the work. I´m coming home in a little less than five months, so its a little crazy, but I love being here and I´m going to be sad to leave. I love you and hope you are all well. See ya next week!

Elder Sayler

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