Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dog Bite = Rabies Shots


This week was crazy! First of all, I completed a year and a half on Sunday. That was big news because it means that I go home in about 5 and a half months. I`m in Machalì with Elder Gutierrez. Its awesome. We are about half an hour outside of Rancagua. Unfortuanately, we haven`t been able to work very much this week. We have had to go to Rancagua EVERY DAY of the week including today and tomorrow so its been a lot of just errands and stuff. I also got bit by a dog and we had to go get my rabies shots because it cut me a little bit with its teeth. Its all good and I have some pics to send some day. The other day we were in the street with no plans at all and we decided to find somebody new to teach. We started looking and contacting a few people and in the end we ended up teaching two people about the importance of prayer as a family. It was a huge blessing and we were so happy to be able to just find new people to teach out of nothing. It was a miracle. It was also the only lesson that we were able to teach last week for the time and stuff. We also have a baptism this weekend of a lady named Celinda. It is going to be awesome. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Life is great here. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad and Happy Valentine`s day!


Elder Sayler

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