Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Food Poisoning???


Sorry for not writing yesterday. We got food poisoning hahaha. Well, I just had a stomach ache, but my companion was dying in the house all day so we didn´t even leave. It was a pretty relaxing PDay. This week was awesome. We have been working super hard to be able to share the gospel with everyone that we can find; in the streets, in their houses, in parks, everywhere. We had a focus this week of bearing our testimonies with the Spirit. We had some awesome experiences. One of which was with a young man named Anderson. The last time we passed by to visit him we shared the Restoration and after that he just tried to prove to us that what we taught wasn´t true based on the Bible. Obviously, it wasn´t exactly what we had hoped for. This time we were really careful with how we were going to teach him because we always avoid contention, even if it is with the Bible. We ended up just talking about the similarities in our beliefs, but testifying about ours as much as possible to help him feel the Spirit as much as possible. It was incredible because in the end, instead of trying to prove us wrong, he said that he wants us to come back next week because he felt something different and good when we were talking with him. It was amazing because everything about him changed in one day when we decided to focus on our testimonies. I learned about the power of a testimony and how God always will find a way to touch the hearts of the people who search him out. We also went on exchanges this week with the Elders in Manzanal. I was with a new Brazilian named Elder Bender. It was awesome to get to know him and share with him. We talked to a lady in a park and ended up sharing a lesson with her right there about faith and repentance. She is now investigating the church. It is incredible seeing how the Lord always blesses our lives and puts people in our path that are just waiting for the gospel. Today we had a conference with President Harris. He talked to us about the importance of repentance. We talked about how important it is to repent and be forgiven of our sins. Everyone has sins. The Lord will forgive us if we have faith and repent sincerely. It made me want to repent hahaha. On Monday we got sickish, but now everything is better. Our zone is also doing a lot better and we are working to be able to keep up the progress. Everything is good here. I love the work. I´m coming home in a little less than five months, so its a little crazy, but I love being here and I´m going to be sad to leave. I love you and hope you are all well. See ya next week!

Elder Sayler

Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy and Hardworking


This was a crazy week. Another week of going to Rancagua every day hahaha. It was still a lot of fun. I got to meet the new zone pretty well this week. They are super tranquil, but they are all awesome Elders and Hermanas. One Elder had his birthday today. He turned 27 YAYYYY! We got to have interviews with President Harris this week on Martes. It was aweseme to be one on one with President Harris and talk about how things are going. We talked a lot about the energy that the missionaries have in the zone. They are all super calm, but we are trying to help them be happier and more energetic in the work. The gospel of Jesus Christ is here to make us peaceful AND happy, so we are trying to help them be more happy working here as well. We set some goals and are working like crazy to help everybody we can. We set a goal as a zone to memorize DyC 4 (the missionary section of Doctrine and Convenants). Elder Gutierrez and I studied it profoundly and then memorized it. Its incredible how much someone can learn from just 7 verses of scripture. We learned that a lot of the time we are trying to work with our strength alone, but the scripture requires our heart, might, mind, and strength, so we miss out on a lot of opportunities if we are here just to serve with strength. Now that we have that section memorized, we never stop thinking about it all day and it just sticks to your mind. I feel like I have really progressed this week just from that. This last weekend we had a baptism of someone named Celinda. She is an older lady that had a paralysis a few years ago so its very hard for her to talk and she doesn´t have use of her right arm or hand. It was so special the baptism because she can´t express herself when she feels the Spirit or when she is happy, but she just cried the whole time because she felt so happy. It was really special. Other than that it was kind of the normal week of work, just out here serving the Lord. I hope everything is going well up there at home. Everything is great here. I love you all.


Elder Sayler

PS the other day I got a package from the Mitchell family and I just wanted to say thank you because is was very special. I love you guys! <3 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dog Bite = Rabies Shots


This week was crazy! First of all, I completed a year and a half on Sunday. That was big news because it means that I go home in about 5 and a half months. I`m in Machalì with Elder Gutierrez. Its awesome. We are about half an hour outside of Rancagua. Unfortuanately, we haven`t been able to work very much this week. We have had to go to Rancagua EVERY DAY of the week including today and tomorrow so its been a lot of just errands and stuff. I also got bit by a dog and we had to go get my rabies shots because it cut me a little bit with its teeth. Its all good and I have some pics to send some day. The other day we were in the street with no plans at all and we decided to find somebody new to teach. We started looking and contacting a few people and in the end we ended up teaching two people about the importance of prayer as a family. It was a huge blessing and we were so happy to be able to just find new people to teach out of nothing. It was a miracle. It was also the only lesson that we were able to teach last week for the time and stuff. We also have a baptism this weekend of a lady named Celinda. It is going to be awesome. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Life is great here. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad and Happy Valentine`s day!


Elder Sayler

Monday, February 6, 2017

Moving to Machalì


This week was awesome. First of all, there is some news. I`m heading out of Buin and going to a new sector. Its called Machalì. If you remember about a year and a half ago, I went on my first exchange to a little place called Machalì and I loved it and said that I wanted it to be my sector some day. Finally my dream has been realized. Moreover, I`m going as a Zone Leader (still) and my new companion is Elder Gutierrez from Mexico again! He was my companion in Paniahue a year ago (and one of my favorites) and now we are going to be companions again. I am so excited for this next change. In Los Jardìnes I learned so much and we did so much. I learned how to love people and want to help them. I learned how to be a leader. I also learned how to be self sufficient. The mission is awesome because even though it seems to put off real life for two years, it really helps to build up qualities in people and give them experiences that will add to their success in life. So last week we baptized Sebastian. This Saturday is the baptism of Susana. She is an investigator that we found 4 months ago. Because of the fires in the south of Chile we had to postpone her baptismal date until this weekend, so I`m not going to be there for her baptism, but at least I know that she will do it and that she will be making the covenants with God whether I`m here or not. I know that Elder Arràzola will take good care of her as well. The mission is going great. I am so happy to be here and I just try not to think about the house too much to not get homesick hahaha. I love you all and hope to see you next week.


Elder Sayler

PS this computer is full of viruses so im not going to send pics

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Zone Conference, Training Broadcast and 6 Months Left

My zone in Buin
Well this was a long-ish week that went by really fast. We are trying to work really hard, but we didn`t get a lot of time in the sector. On Tuesday we went down to Rancagua to have a Zone Conference with Presidente Harris, the Assistants, and two other zones in Rancagua. It started at 11:00 and ended around 6:00 in the afternoon hahaha. After that our whole zone stayed down there on divisions with other elders because we had to stay the night for a broadcast on Wednesday. I got to go with one of my best friends, Elder Young. I used to live with him a year ago when I was in Paniahue in Santa Cruz. He was my zone leader, but now he`s the assistant to Presidente. It was awesome to spend some time with him for the first time in a good while. We got to go out and work a little and we found an older guy and we taught him the Word of Wisdom. It was really cool to see how keeping ourselves healthy helps us receive lots of blessings. We had to stay the night in Rancagua and on Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary broadcast. In this broadcast they talked about how to better teach people and how to help them understand the Doctrine of Christ. In the end they ended up making huge changes to the daily missionary schedule. We get to get up later, go to bed earlier, and work for more time every day, so its an awesome change in the schedule. Then I got to go to a place called Linderos on exchanges. We had an awesome lesson about faith and how we can get any blessing or miracle that we want if we have faith. There is a problem in this mission where we can`t find very many new people to teach the gospel. If you know anyone at home that could possibly receive the missonaries, SEND THEM THE REFERENCE!!! It is so important that the missionaries have people to teach, but it is even more important that the members work with them to help them in the work. We are having a great time here and we are so excited to just keep going. Changes come in this Saturday so I will know if i go or stay next week. One thing that I do know for sure is that I won`t be with Elder Arràzola so I will at least have news about a new companion. I love you all and hope that you have a great week! 


Elder Sayler

PS The day after my birthday I started the last 6 months of my mission! It goes by so fast!!!!