Monday, January 16, 2017

On a Quest to Eat Weird Foods

Dear Mom, 

This week has been awesome. My companion and I are on a quest to eat weird foods. Actually, he is from Bolivia so he is pretty used to the weird foods, but he knows that I`m not so he`s helping me out with my dreams to eat weird foods in my mission. So far we have eaten: stomach, pig head, chicken liver, chicken heart, intestines, and chicken feet. I`ll send pictures when I can. This week was great. We are working very hard. We got to have interviews with the mission president, President Harris. It is always a great experience to talk with him. Even though it takes away a whole day`s worth of proselyting. We had a couple of great meetings with Sebstian. He is progressing very very well. He will be baptized on Wednesday next week, but its possible that we baptize him this Saturday so that his family can not be working. We got to go on exchanges with the sectors in Paine. I stayed here in Los Jardìnes with a new missionary, Elder Leatherwood. This is what I love about the mission, getting to meet so many missionaries and be their friends; live with them for a day and work hard with them. We got to visit a couple of people and teach a few lessons. It was awesome. I love the mission. It`s amazing how the mission changes a person. Everyone is telling me that I`m changing a ton. Thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ this is all possible. I`m so grateful for this gospel. I love you guys. I will see you soon. Happy birthday to Meredith (I sent her a seperate email.)


Elder Sayler

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