Monday, January 23, 2017

A Baptism, I Turn 20 + Pics of My Weird Foods Quest

My quest to eat wierd foods. This is when we ate pig head...
This week was incredible. Our investigator that was close to getting baptized was so excited (his name is Sebastian) to get baptized so he asked if we could change the date to last Saurday! We were a little nervous because we weren`t sure if he was ready or not. He said that that it when his family can do it though, so we said ok. We worked with him every day that week and it was incredible to see how much he changed during that week. On Saturday, after three years of investigating, Sebastian Antonio Aguillòn Arancibia joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was so excited. After the baptism he shared his testimony and he said, ´I feel so much joy right now! I have no idea why so its a little wierd, but I`m so happy right now!` It was incredible to see how baptism can change the life of a person in just one day. Another miracle of this week - We have an investigator named Susana. She lives with her boyfriend. She`s about 50ish so I don`t know what you would call it. She has been waiting for the divorce of her man to come through so that she could marry him and get baptized. Divorces in Chile are very hard. They have been waiting for a few years on their divorce and he always treated her like garbage. This week she was thinking a lot about her baptism and he left her. He always leaves her and then comes back after a few days or weeks. This time she said a prayer and received an answer from God not to ever get back with him again, but that she should get baptized! She told us that she wants to get baptized and got herself a cat so that she won`t be lonely in her house. She even found a new job so that she can pay the rent without his help. She is getting baptized a week from this Saturday. We are so happy and so blessed for the miracles that we are seeing in our sector. It is going to be awesome. Changes are coming up in two weeks. It will be interesting because after our interviews with Presidente Harris we have no idea who is going to leave and who is going to stay. If I go, i will most likely go to train. If I stay, I will be a zone leader one more change and then go and train. Presidente said that he wants me training new missionaries. Tomorrow is my birthday. I`m going to be 20! I`m so old hahaha. We are going to be in Rancagua all day so its gonna be cool. I love you all and hope you have a great week. See ya! 


Elder Sayler

Chicken heart, chicken liver, and chicken feet...

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