Monday, December 19, 2016

The Recharged Super Week of Power


¡¡¡MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This Sunday is Christmas and I`m super excited to see you again. It has been a long time.

This week has been a super good week. We challenged everyone in the zone to a thing called ``La Super Semana de Poder Recargada`` translated roughly to ´´The Recharged Super Week of Power`` We printed off a paper that had goals and scriptures and quotes from Preach My Gospel and everything. It was super powerful when we shared it because we shared a video with Elder Eyering and Elder Holland talking about the Atonement and Mission Work. Then we all committed to the goals and the numbers and the people that are included in the week. We saw so many miracles, it was incredible. First of all, we were able to achieve all of the goals, which is a miracle because ever since we set the new mission goals we haven`t been able to achieve them. We found 10 new people to teach this week and invited people to be baptized and felt the Spirit so strongly the whole week long. We got to yesterday and we still were lacking four more lessons with investigators with members present, so one member, one of the best members in the entire branch, accompanied us from 5:30 to 10:00 to be able to achieve our goals. We were so thankful to have so much help for that. I learned a lot last week. I learned how to work hard, smart, and make miracles from our faith. I am so indebted to the Lord and I love this work so much.

I`m excited to see you guys again this week and I hope that everything goes well with Christmas. I love you all!

Elder Sayler

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  1. Merry Christmas Mr. Elder Thomas Sayler hope that you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the countries culture I know that you will enjoy that and be able to bring it home and share with your own family ~!! We pray for you missionaries every day and pray for your safety and that you will be guided to the doors of the people that are seeking the gospel. Stay safe and enjoy sending you prayers and love
    Ed and Jan Wagley