Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Skype (then terrible Google Hangout since Skype wouldn't work)


I`m sorry that Skype was terrible yesterday. Not that it was terrible to do Skype, just that Skype itself was bad. It was nice to see you even though you couldn`t see me, and I imagine that it was nice to hear me even though I couldn`t hear you very well hahaha. Well this week was awesome. I forgot to tell you guys on Skype, but I got the opportunity to baptize someone last Wednesday. Her name is Sasha. She`s 16 and the niece of a recent convert. She is always at his house so we started teaching her the lessons and put a baptismal date with her. Then we learned where she lived and it wasn`t in the branch so we had to pass her along to the sister missionaries in the other branch, where they finished the lessons and then got her baptized. She decided that she wanted me to baptize her so I got to do it. That was probably the coolest experience of the week, other than Christmas. I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers this year. This year my companion told people that I like Hotwheels cars so I got like 10 for Christmas hahaha it was awesome. Things are going great here. We have changes here tomorrow, but I`m not going anywhere and niether is my companion. We are still here in Los Jardìnes, Buin. I love you all. Thank you for everything. I`ll see you in about 5-6 months!


Elder Sayler

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