Friday, December 9, 2016

Cemented Cat Poop Removal = Hammer + Bar and a LOT of Pounding


Sorry about last week, we only had 15 minutes in ciber to write because of a ton of stuff that we were doing. Today we have a little more time. This week was a little slow, but still really good. We were able to see a lot of miracles. We walked around a lot, but at the same time we were able to give out a ton of Book of Mormon`s and see the Lord help out a ton of people. On Friday we had a huge service with a less active from the church and the sister missionaries. We went to the lady`s house and the service was to clean it. It was a terrible mess. She is an older lady that doesn`t see very well and raises a TON of cats. We went in to clean. It was supposed to be an hour long, but we were there for three hours and we didn`t even finish. I got assigned the bathroom. I literally had a hammer and a small bar of rebar trying to pick the cemented cat poop from off of the floor. It was a mess. But. The miracle is that even though the place was a mess and it was one of the grossest floors that I have ever seen, it was a blessing to see how service from the  Lord blesses the lives of the individuals who will receive it. The sister was so grateful for the service and we could feel that she was happier and the Spirit of the Lord had entered her house a lot more just for the small act of service that we could give. i love service. And now, with the new Christmas initiative #LIGHTtheWORLD we have the opportunity to do service every day. I love the mission. I love you all and thanks for being patient with me for last week.


Elder Sayler

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