Tuesday, November 8, 2016

90 degrees🕶, an Earth "Tremble" and, Yes, I am Wearing Sunscreen

Hello Familia! 

This week was a pretty great week. I know that everyone is probably wondering about the ``earthquake``. Don`t worry because everyone is fine and it is all good. It was only a 6.4 so they don`t even consider it an earthquake, just a tremble. We were just reading the Book of Mormon with our investigator Sebastian and the house just started to shake and then it stopped. We just kept reading the book because it wasn`t too bad. This week we worked really hard and saw a lot of miracles. First of all, President Harris has given us the assignment to try to give out two Book of Mormons every day. You wouldn`t think it would be that hard to literally GIVE AWAY a FREE book, but it can be a little hard sometimes. Chileans can be stubborn. We persevered all through the week and in the end of the week we ended up giving out 21 Book of Mormons, which was a huge blessing. But, we also ran out of books. We called the offices and they said that they too are out of books and we just have to wait to get more from Salt Lake. Its gonna be hard to give out the books this week, but we have about six more in the house I think. We were able to find 6 more people to teach this week, two different families that want to hear the gospel. This too was a blessing. As a mission we have upped the mission goals a lot and so now its great for us to have as many people to teach as possible. We are in our last week in this change with Elder Shumway. We are working like crazy so we are going to end the change well. We aren`t sure if we are staying together or no so its going to be a surprise this Saturday. I am excited to see the outcome either way. We have been through a lot together (a lot of good and a lot of not so good) so it`ll be an interesting change. I`m so happy that its finally summer here. We are sitting at 85-90 every day up here in Buin so its awesome and really hot. And yes, I am drinking lots of water and using sunscreen. I am excited for Christmas because it feels like it is coming up fast. I can`t wait to see you guys. I love you all and hope you have a great week.


Elder Sayler

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