Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Huasos = Farmer Cowboy Rednecks


Life is crazy down here. I am in a place called Buin. Its the only part of the mission that pertains to Santiago, so its a little different than other places that I`ve been in. It is all fields and stuff, so there`s a lot of what the Chileans call ``huasos`` which is like a mix between farmer, cowboy, and rednecks. They`re a fun bunch of people. Halloween is coming up and I don`t know what to dress up like. I think I might go as a missionary...I guess I just don`t have a very good imagination. Things are going well in the new zone. We have a lot of new missionaries (8) so we have a lot of potential and a lot of training to get done. Its going great though, I love being a zone leader. Its so cool getting to be in charge and get to know so many missionaries on a personal level that I never could before now. I love hanging out with the other missionaries, especially the new guys and seeing all of their excitement and trust in the Lord. I also love my companion Elder Shumway. A lot of times he tries my patience, but in the end, he`s a great guy and an awesome missionary. The more I learn to love him, the more I enjoy my time with him. The sector is super awesome. We have awesome members and an awesome ward. I am so excited to be able to work here. We haven`t had a lot of time to work in the sector lately, but the work that we can get done is the best. We have an investigator named Rosa who is awesome. She is the mom of a family of members, but can`t get baptized because she smokes. We are helping her quit smoking so that she can achieve her goal of getting baptized. She is working very hard, but it is also very hard for her to quit. We just keep telling her to trust God and everything will work out if she puts forth her effort. We had a new program from President Harris this week - visit all the members of the church in your sector, active or inactive to help them be strong in the faith. We usually try to avoid a lot of visits with less actives because often time it is a big trap to waste a lot of time with families that only want visits from the missionaries. We decided to take the challenge and have had a ton of success in finding new people to teach and invite to come to Christ through baptism. It seems like our President is inspired hahaha. I love you all and hope you have a great week. I will see you soon!


Elder Sayler

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