Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Giving Out Book of Mormons (want one?)

Haha we turned on the computer and I only had an email from Dad and Madi and I thought that my family had forgotten me in Chile hahaha... :`(

My email downloaded while he was reading the others: I didn't forget my boy (tamra)

So this week was a pretty great week. We were able to get quite a lot of work done. On Tuesday we had a great conference from our Mission President. Our whole zone and two other zone all went to Rancagua to the office of the mission and had a huge conference. We talked about the importance of love for the people that we teach, the importance of the Book of Mormon, and our foundation in the work (which is like obedience, scripture studies, and the Holy Ghost). It was such a great meeting because it was so cool to see how the Book of Mormon can change the lives of so many people. Actually, we left the conference with a committment that we would give out two Book of Mormon to people every day. We have been trying really hard to keep up with the committment and have given out 11 books in the last 5 days so we are still going strong. Ever since then we have been working like crazy and we are seeing so many blessings for our work. Its funny because technically our numbers are really low, but we feel really good because we are working like crazy and we know that the Lord is proud of us even though it was a little tough this week in numbers. We got a lot of Book of Mormons passed out and a lot of appointments for this week so we are really excited for the week that comes. Sorry I can`t send pics because this is the only internet place in all of Buin and it is full of viruses that will erase all of the pictures off of my camera card. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!


Elder Sayler

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