Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference, a New Area and Becoming a Zone Leader

Hello! This week was a crazy week here as well. We started out our last week of the change ready to work like crazy and find a ton more people and invite a ton of people to get baptized. We worked very hard this week and saw a lot of miracles. We started out by teaching a family the Plan of Salvation because there was a grandma, a daughter, and three kids who lost a son-in-law, husband, and father two weeks ago. We were able to teach the whole family and they were so happy to know where their dad is at and that he is happy. They were so excited to know that they will be able to not only see him again, but also live with him forever. We were so blessed because we were able to see the comfort come upon the small children to know that their dad is ok. Then we had the opportunity to go to Talca and watch a re-broadcast of the Women´s session of General Conference. That was a checkpoint on seeing how much the mission has changed me because before the mission I was never too excited to watch General Conference, much less the Women´s session. Now I was soo excited to just go see people talk about God. It was very good. Elder Uchtdorf´s talk was especially good. Then on Thursday I got to do exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Talca. It was great to work with such great missionaries and meet some other investigators from other sectors. On Saturday we had one of my favorite experiences in the mission - General Conference. The opportunity to listen to the living Prophet and Apostles talk live to the world (in their own voices and in english!) was such a great opportunity. If I had remembered my notes, I would have shared some of the notes and stuff that I wrote down. It was actually a very very good conference. If you are looking for some direction in your lives, I invite you to look up the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It will help. On Saturday they called in the changes/transfers. I thought for sure that I was going to stay in Constitución for another change with my trainee Elder Lee, because his training is two changes, and I only got to do the first half of it right now. But, the Lord must need me elsewhere because I am heading out, after a short three months in Conti, I´m going to a place called Buin (which is like 20 minutes from Santiago). I´m heading up to a sector called Los Jardínes to be a Zone Leader (I will be in charge of about 22 missionaries). I am very excited about my new assignment, but still a little sad about leaving Conti and Elder Lee because we worked so well together. Oh well, I will go, I will do, as the scripture says (1 Nephi 3:7). I love the Lord and I love the work so it will be ok. I also love all of you and hope that you all have a great week. See you soon. 


Elder Sayler

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