Friday, October 14, 2016

Buin and a Very Chilean BBQ


Well, my first week in my new sector was a little bit crazy. I left Constituciòn to come here to Buin in the sector of Los Jardìnes. My companion is named Elder Shumway. He`s a great Elder. He`s in his second change as a Zone Leader so he`s pretty new, too. We spent our first three days just doing busy work, like verifying if the missionaries` houses are clean and doing trainings and stuff. We got to go to Rancagua (which was nice because now it is about an hour from our sector and not four). We were trained by President Harris and his assistants about how to pray with faith, work with members, and have unity, not only in a companionship, but also in the entire mission. We are going to have to teach the same thing tomorrow in a training of the zone so its a good thing that I took notes. We finally got to work in our sector on Friday, and that was a relief. We were able to meet some investigators and less active members and active members of the church. We hace one investigator named Rosa that is especially awesome. She has been investigating the church for years now and still hasn`t gotten baptized. We have been working really hard with her and now she finally has a goal to get baptized on the 5th of November. She has committed to stop smoking so that she can get baptized. We have been able to teach her about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the Word of Wisdom and how all of these things can bless her life. It is always incredible to see how people react when they realize that God loves them. As for other things we did this week, we didn`t accomplish a lot. We had a huge activity in PDay yesterday,which is why we didn`t have time to write and are writing right now. We played soccer and had a very chilean barbecue that took HOURS. It was all a good time though, we just have to get better with timing and we`ll be good. The weather here is nice. Its warm and sunny. Actually it is going to become the hottest part of the mission soon, but as of right now it is super nice. The mission is going great though. I`m glad to hear that everything is going well up in Washington. I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Sayler

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