Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Giving Out Book of Mormons (want one?)

Haha we turned on the computer and I only had an email from Dad and Madi and I thought that my family had forgotten me in Chile hahaha... :`(

My email downloaded while he was reading the others: I didn't forget my boy (tamra)

So this week was a pretty great week. We were able to get quite a lot of work done. On Tuesday we had a great conference from our Mission President. Our whole zone and two other zone all went to Rancagua to the office of the mission and had a huge conference. We talked about the importance of love for the people that we teach, the importance of the Book of Mormon, and our foundation in the work (which is like obedience, scripture studies, and the Holy Ghost). It was such a great meeting because it was so cool to see how the Book of Mormon can change the lives of so many people. Actually, we left the conference with a committment that we would give out two Book of Mormon to people every day. We have been trying really hard to keep up with the committment and have given out 11 books in the last 5 days so we are still going strong. Ever since then we have been working like crazy and we are seeing so many blessings for our work. Its funny because technically our numbers are really low, but we feel really good because we are working like crazy and we know that the Lord is proud of us even though it was a little tough this week in numbers. We got a lot of Book of Mormons passed out and a lot of appointments for this week so we are really excited for the week that comes. Sorry I can`t send pics because this is the only internet place in all of Buin and it is full of viruses that will erase all of the pictures off of my camera card. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!


Elder Sayler

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Huasos = Farmer Cowboy Rednecks


Life is crazy down here. I am in a place called Buin. Its the only part of the mission that pertains to Santiago, so its a little different than other places that I`ve been in. It is all fields and stuff, so there`s a lot of what the Chileans call ``huasos`` which is like a mix between farmer, cowboy, and rednecks. They`re a fun bunch of people. Halloween is coming up and I don`t know what to dress up like. I think I might go as a missionary...I guess I just don`t have a very good imagination. Things are going well in the new zone. We have a lot of new missionaries (8) so we have a lot of potential and a lot of training to get done. Its going great though, I love being a zone leader. Its so cool getting to be in charge and get to know so many missionaries on a personal level that I never could before now. I love hanging out with the other missionaries, especially the new guys and seeing all of their excitement and trust in the Lord. I also love my companion Elder Shumway. A lot of times he tries my patience, but in the end, he`s a great guy and an awesome missionary. The more I learn to love him, the more I enjoy my time with him. The sector is super awesome. We have awesome members and an awesome ward. I am so excited to be able to work here. We haven`t had a lot of time to work in the sector lately, but the work that we can get done is the best. We have an investigator named Rosa who is awesome. She is the mom of a family of members, but can`t get baptized because she smokes. We are helping her quit smoking so that she can achieve her goal of getting baptized. She is working very hard, but it is also very hard for her to quit. We just keep telling her to trust God and everything will work out if she puts forth her effort. We had a new program from President Harris this week - visit all the members of the church in your sector, active or inactive to help them be strong in the faith. We usually try to avoid a lot of visits with less actives because often time it is a big trap to waste a lot of time with families that only want visits from the missionaries. We decided to take the challenge and have had a ton of success in finding new people to teach and invite to come to Christ through baptism. It seems like our President is inspired hahaha. I love you all and hope you have a great week. I will see you soon!


Elder Sayler

Friday, October 14, 2016

Buin and a Very Chilean BBQ


Well, my first week in my new sector was a little bit crazy. I left Constituciòn to come here to Buin in the sector of Los Jardìnes. My companion is named Elder Shumway. He`s a great Elder. He`s in his second change as a Zone Leader so he`s pretty new, too. We spent our first three days just doing busy work, like verifying if the missionaries` houses are clean and doing trainings and stuff. We got to go to Rancagua (which was nice because now it is about an hour from our sector and not four). We were trained by President Harris and his assistants about how to pray with faith, work with members, and have unity, not only in a companionship, but also in the entire mission. We are going to have to teach the same thing tomorrow in a training of the zone so its a good thing that I took notes. We finally got to work in our sector on Friday, and that was a relief. We were able to meet some investigators and less active members and active members of the church. We hace one investigator named Rosa that is especially awesome. She has been investigating the church for years now and still hasn`t gotten baptized. We have been working really hard with her and now she finally has a goal to get baptized on the 5th of November. She has committed to stop smoking so that she can get baptized. We have been able to teach her about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the Word of Wisdom and how all of these things can bless her life. It is always incredible to see how people react when they realize that God loves them. As for other things we did this week, we didn`t accomplish a lot. We had a huge activity in PDay yesterday,which is why we didn`t have time to write and are writing right now. We played soccer and had a very chilean barbecue that took HOURS. It was all a good time though, we just have to get better with timing and we`ll be good. The weather here is nice. Its warm and sunny. Actually it is going to become the hottest part of the mission soon, but as of right now it is super nice. The mission is going great though. I`m glad to hear that everything is going well up in Washington. I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Sayler

Letter From El Presidente

Misión Chile Rancagua
Oficina: (72) 223-2750
Celular: 93253857| 64058524

October 10, 2016

Dear Brother and Sister Sayler:

We are writing to tell you that in our recent transfers, your missionary, Elder Thomas Sayler, received a new assignment to serve as a Zone Leader in the Buin Zone. As a zone leader he will be responsible, with his companion, to teach and support 12-24 other missionaries in their missionary duties.  Every week they will compile statistics for the work in their zone, train and teach missionaries in their zone and conduct and teach at the weekly zone meeting.  He will conduct companionship exchanges weekly to train, teach and support other missionaries.  He will also be a member of the Mission Leadership Council and attend the monthly training meetings with us, the other Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders and the Assistants to the President.

The responsibilities of leaders are outlined in the mission manual and include the following:
Leaders inspire and support those they serve. In addition to setting a strong example, they:
       *  Inspire others to have a spirit of love, unity, obedience, and hard work…
       *  Encourage missionaries to live a high standard of obedience, especially by living the first principles of the gospel…
       * Teach other missionaries in companionship study, companion exchanges, district meetings, and other settings…
We are pleased that Elder Sayler is willing and worthy to accept this assignment, and we are confident that the missionaries in his care will be blessed by his service.

We thank you for your support and encouragement to your missionary. We love him and appreciate his service in the Chile Rancagua Mission.

With love,

President Reed J. Harris                      Sister Kathleen Harris

Chile Rancagua Mission

Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference, a New Area and Becoming a Zone Leader

Hello! This week was a crazy week here as well. We started out our last week of the change ready to work like crazy and find a ton more people and invite a ton of people to get baptized. We worked very hard this week and saw a lot of miracles. We started out by teaching a family the Plan of Salvation because there was a grandma, a daughter, and three kids who lost a son-in-law, husband, and father two weeks ago. We were able to teach the whole family and they were so happy to know where their dad is at and that he is happy. They were so excited to know that they will be able to not only see him again, but also live with him forever. We were so blessed because we were able to see the comfort come upon the small children to know that their dad is ok. Then we had the opportunity to go to Talca and watch a re-broadcast of the Women´s session of General Conference. That was a checkpoint on seeing how much the mission has changed me because before the mission I was never too excited to watch General Conference, much less the Women´s session. Now I was soo excited to just go see people talk about God. It was very good. Elder Uchtdorf´s talk was especially good. Then on Thursday I got to do exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Talca. It was great to work with such great missionaries and meet some other investigators from other sectors. On Saturday we had one of my favorite experiences in the mission - General Conference. The opportunity to listen to the living Prophet and Apostles talk live to the world (in their own voices and in english!) was such a great opportunity. If I had remembered my notes, I would have shared some of the notes and stuff that I wrote down. It was actually a very very good conference. If you are looking for some direction in your lives, I invite you to look up the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It will help. On Saturday they called in the changes/transfers. I thought for sure that I was going to stay in Constitución for another change with my trainee Elder Lee, because his training is two changes, and I only got to do the first half of it right now. But, the Lord must need me elsewhere because I am heading out, after a short three months in Conti, I´m going to a place called Buin (which is like 20 minutes from Santiago). I´m heading up to a sector called Los Jardínes to be a Zone Leader (I will be in charge of about 22 missionaries). I am very excited about my new assignment, but still a little sad about leaving Conti and Elder Lee because we worked so well together. Oh well, I will go, I will do, as the scripture says (1 Nephi 3:7). I love the Lord and I love the work so it will be ok. I also love all of you and hope that you all have a great week. See you soon. 


Elder Sayler