Friday, September 16, 2016

Talca, Footbol Curfew and Helping People


Elder Lee and Elder Sayler
This week was a good week. So we started out in Talca on Monday. So on Monday night we caught the bus home after PDay and that was the rest of our day because the bus trip is so long. We were on companion exchanges until Wednesday. On Tuesday we started working, but the Zone Leaders called us and told us that we had to enter the house early because Chile was about to play soccer. So we left the house and called to confirm our visiting appointments and the three that we had planned all cancelled, so we had to call the members and thank them for being willing to acompany us, but that we would have to go a different day. So we just started contacting, knocking on doors and talking to people in the streets. I was with Elder Davis, a newer missionary with only a few months. Right next to our house we met a man and his wife that were trying to put up a gate on some property that they have, but he was trying to do it alone. We offered our help and he accepted (which never happens). We ended up changing our clothes and helping them for an hour and a half. We had to dig out big holes and put in the posts (which were logs that he had cut down from his property, so they are like 15 feet tall). He said that it was a miracle because just before he had started his brother and friend both called him to cancel the project, so he was going to do it alone. We didn´t end up finishing all the way, but he was very thankful for the help. They said that someday we can pass by to share a little bit with them the message that we share with the people here. That was a pretty cool experience. Wednesday we had to travel again to Talca to our Zone meeting, so I didn´t get to teach my weekly class. After that nothing very cool happened in the week until Saturday, just a lot of walking around, contacting new people to teach. On Saturday we were finally able to find one of our investigators named Koki. He´s 15 and the best friend of a less active member of the church. We stopped by his house and they were both there so we were able to share about the importance of the Book of Mormon. It was really cool because we were able to testify about the power that comes and the peace that we feel when we read the Book of Mormon. After that we passed by a man named Carlos. He talks a lot and didn´t invite us in, but we just listened to him talk for a while until he asked us if we believe in the Bible and what is the Book of Mormon. We were able to share with him outside about why the Book of Mormon is necessary and how they both can be used together to help us come closer to God. He was so interested that he actually stopped talking and listened to us and accepted a Book of Mormon to study more about it. We are going to try again this Saturday. Later we were able to have another lesson with an investigator named Mario about prophets. After that we were able to go with our Bishop and talk with our investigator, Pedro. He is the one that is in a very hard place right now and needs lots of help. The last time we visited him he was living off of a diet of coffee because that is the only stuff he had left. We were able to talk to him and the Bishop is going to help him find a good job so that he can live better. He also came to church on Sunday and is thinking about getting baptized soon so that he can be happy. We had a pretty rough week until Saturday when we were able to have a great and very spiritually fulfilling day. In the end this was a very good week. My companion Elder Lee is a great companion and he tries very hard to do everything right. I have learned a lot from him and am very excited for this week. I hope everything is going well at home. I love you all and will see you soon.


Elder Sayler

We hope that everyone is excited for the national holidays!

The rules for that day are as follows:
*It is not allowed to proselytize that day
*Avoid large groups of people where there may be alcohol or other hazards
*You may be with members or investigators if you are invited
*Everyone will have to be in the house at 8:00 pm unless there is a branch or ward activity
*Remember that the 18th is Sunday, so we must keep the Sabbath day even if members or others are not
*You can have "huaso" clothing during branch/ward activities unless the activity happens on Sunday (I believe huaso is slang for normal clothes vs. their suits or shirts and ties)

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