Friday, September 23, 2016

Elder Packer and the 18 de Septiembre

Hola familia! 

our 18 party with empanadas and the tacos we were going to make
Wow this week was a little crazy. Actually on Monday and Tuesday nothing really happened, we kind of just walked around looking for people to teach. Then on Wednesday we went to Talca for our district classes. After that I had one of the coolest opportunities in my mission - as a district leader I have the awesome opportunity of giving people the interview before baptism. It was with a man named Claudio from San Javier. He has been investigating the church for a few months now and is super excited to get baptized. It was so cool just to sit with him and talk about how the gospel has helped him get his life so much better. He was so excited to just get baptized and become a member of the church that Christ established on the earth for the children of God. The experience strengthened my testimony so much (which helped a lot for an experience that I will share in a little bit). On Thursday we had a special visit from Elder Packer from the Quorum of the 70´s and a special training for the mission. It was incredible to hear from him and learn about how we can use our faith and the Spirit of God to work miracles in our sectors. We were all spiritually supercharged to just go out and work. We got back home on Thursday night, so we didn´t really do anything else that day. Then everything started happening on Saturday. First of all, we went with an investigator named Koki that has 15 years and we started teaching about the Plan of Salvation. He is finally interested in the message because his brother died a little bit ago and he wants to know where he is right now and how he can live with him again. We only had 15 minutes so we only taught the very first part about where we were before this life. Then we went to a lesson that we had with some future investigators that said that they would like us to pass by. We entered their house and the family was waiting for us with two guests - missionaries from their church. Its a relatively new church and they are the only family in Conti so I guess they wanted to see what we call a Bible Bash. We got their and started talking and started with a prayer and started teaching the Restoration, beginning with God is your loving Heavenly Father. From there began a two hour lesson where they attacked every point of doctrine in the church, from the Book of Mormon to baptism and from the priesthood to prophets and God in general. We really tried to be wise in our words and the scriptures that we shared because if someone tries to Bible Bash (contension between two churches and using different scriptures from the bible to prove why your church is true and why the other church isn´t) usually the Spirit leaves the lesson. We put more trust in the Spirit that was with us and just testified as much as possible. We testified about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how God is our Father and He loves us and even though there are many ways to interpret the Scriptures we can always ask Him and He will answer us. The lesson was very powerful because even though they literally had a list of things to accuse us of on an IPad we were able to defend our doctrine and testify with power and authority to confound all false doctrine. We finished the lessons with the most powerful testimonies that we could muster and finished the lesson and everybody just sat there looking at us because they couldn´t think of anything alse to accuse us of and they were impressed by the power of the Spirit. We waited in silence and then finished with a prayer and left. It was incredible because we left with the greatest feeling that despite all of the anti-mormon stuff we were accused of, we were able to testify that God does answer prayers and that He has answered our prayers so we not only believe this church to be true, but we know it and that was our testimony and they couldn´t deny it. We were so strengthened after that lesson even though the whole time it was a set up. Then we visited some families for the 18 de Septiembre which is Independance Day in Chile and we had some great food and spent some quality time with investigators. We even made tacos because we told them that my Mexican companion taught me how to make tacos. It was a great week. I hope everybody is doing well up in Washington. I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Sayler
sunrise from our house in conti :)

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