Saturday, August 6, 2016

Looking for People to Teach...


It was crazy to see all of the cool stuff you guys did in Kansas and on your road trip! I can`t imagine that I will be going any time soon...but I still have another year in Chile so it doesn`t really matter at this point hahaha. It was good to see the pictures and get an update of the long lost West family. How goes life in Washington? Life in Chile gets better and better as the days get longer and longer. We are trying to work a ton. It can be hard sometimes. We don`t have a lot of people to work with right now (we haven`t had very many people to work with since I got here) but we are finding and looking for and tracting like crazy to find some people. We are also trying really hard to work well with the members of the church for references. If somebody is reading this right now that is not my mom, please, give references to the missionaries. It makes life better for everyone, including you. Finding people to teach is not only the work of missionaries, it is the work of every member of the church as well. I promise you will see a ton of blessings for your dedication to the Lord and his work. My companion, Elder Gutierrez is in his third transfer right now, but he is already an awesome missionary. He teaches me so much about finding opportunities to teach people, even when its difficult to teach someone or when it seems unlikely that we teach them. We are trying really hard to work well on our teaching. We have a lot of investigators that are complacent with just listening to the lessons and giving us food afterwards. We are trying to help them realize that we are not here to share food, we are here to share that the Lord has restored his precious truths to the earth again through a living prophet, starting with Joseph Smith. Food is always welcome to a missionary, its just better to teach something with the Spirit beforehand. I love you guys and am looking forward to hear about a great week and a ton of references to the missionaries. Have a good week!


Elder Sayler
The beach of ConstituciĆ³n!

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