Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In a Ciber, Training, Hahaha

Finally we are here at a Ciber to write. Its Wednesday, and so much has happened this week that we haven´t been able to write untiil now. So our last week in Conti with Elder Gutierrez was great. We found people and even set a baptism date with someone on the last day that he was here. It was pretty awesome because we weren´t even planning on teaching the Restoration, but she had so many questions about the Restoration that we ended up teaching it and then inviting her to be baptized. It was a great lesson. Then we got the news about changes - I´M TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY IN CONSTITUCI├ľN!!! I couldn´t believe it. This meant that on Monday we skipped PDay and had to head up to Rancagua (5 hours on bus) just for a training meeting. That was really good. Then on Tuesday in the morning we had another meeting, but this time with the new missionaries and we found out who our new companions were. My companion is named Elder Lee. He´s from Utah. He´s blonde and just as tall as me so we stick out really well here in Chile hahaha He is awesome. He already knows so much spanish and we even got to teach today, his first day in Conti. On Tuesday we got out of the meeting late and so we only traveled 3 hours south and stayed in the house of the zone leaders because on Wednesday early in the morning we had a zone meeting in Talca. After that we traveled home the last 2 hours to Conti and now we are here writing. I am so excited to train. Hahaha I have no idea what President Harris was thinking when he assigned me to train, but I am so excited to do it, its going to be awesome. I guess now I have to be obedient or something hahaha oh well. But I am so excited to see what we can do this week and this change that we have together. Overall, everything is great down here and I´m looking forward to a new week. I love you and will see you in less than a year! 


Elder Sayler

And then a bit of back and forth :)

is there any money on my card? we went to talca too much this last change and so we overspent on bus tickets to go to zone activities and now we are almost out of money. I just wanted to make sure just in case something comes up and I need a little extra cash...

Yes - $100
I always refill it


ok thank you, you are a life saver! i will probs use my card today to buy some food and a convertor because my last companion accidentally burned it in the socket and now  my camera is dead and i cant charge it. thats why i cant send photos today....

Sounds good - I will then refill it next week just in case :)


thanks! I have enough money for stuff, its just that I have to buy gas and then reimburse it but that will take all my money and a few weeks to get it back :/ (gas=propane for cooking and hot water)

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