Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Finding Hope in Christ


This week was really good. It was my first week with my trainee, Elder Lee. He is great. I´m so excited to train because I don´t even have to do anything, they come pre-trained! But actually he does a lot of great things. First of all, his spanish is really really good. He makes a few mistakes, but at least the people understand him and he understands a lot of what the Chileans say as well, which is lucky to be able to do at the end of the mission hahaha. We are working really hard and are seeing a lot of blessings for our work and your prayers. This week we were able to find five new people who want to listen to the gospel. We also were able to invite a few people to be baptized and they accepted. We received a call on Wednesday, right after coming home from a guy who said he needed our help right now. We met with him and went to this tiny little house (I say house, but it is just a room with a bed, an oven, and a refridgerator, not enough room for chairs or a table or anything) and met a man that was very depressed. Actually he was about to commit suicide the next day. We talked to him about Christ and his Atonement and how he can help us through all of our trials and he was actually happy afterwards, despite his circumstances. We went by again on Friday and talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and then he came to church with us on Sunday. We are going to invite him to be baptized this week. We also taught a few other families about the Restoration and my companion did his first baptismal invitation. That´s always an exciting moment. We are working really well together and I am excited for another week together. We had lunch with the stake patriarch the other day and we found out something interesting. He says that he thinks he knows Brother Carpenter from church from when he served his mission here in Constitución. If Clyde did serve here, the Familia Alegría (Carlos Alegría) sends their greetings. This week was really good. I have to buy the convertor today for my camera so there still aren´t pics, but hopefully they will come soon. I love you and will see you at Christmas!


Elder Sayler

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