Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Finding Hope in Christ


This week was really good. It was my first week with my trainee, Elder Lee. He is great. I´m so excited to train because I don´t even have to do anything, they come pre-trained! But actually he does a lot of great things. First of all, his spanish is really really good. He makes a few mistakes, but at least the people understand him and he understands a lot of what the Chileans say as well, which is lucky to be able to do at the end of the mission hahaha. We are working really hard and are seeing a lot of blessings for our work and your prayers. This week we were able to find five new people who want to listen to the gospel. We also were able to invite a few people to be baptized and they accepted. We received a call on Wednesday, right after coming home from a guy who said he needed our help right now. We met with him and went to this tiny little house (I say house, but it is just a room with a bed, an oven, and a refridgerator, not enough room for chairs or a table or anything) and met a man that was very depressed. Actually he was about to commit suicide the next day. We talked to him about Christ and his Atonement and how he can help us through all of our trials and he was actually happy afterwards, despite his circumstances. We went by again on Friday and talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and then he came to church with us on Sunday. We are going to invite him to be baptized this week. We also taught a few other families about the Restoration and my companion did his first baptismal invitation. That´s always an exciting moment. We are working really well together and I am excited for another week together. We had lunch with the stake patriarch the other day and we found out something interesting. He says that he thinks he knows Brother Carpenter from church from when he served his mission here in Constitución. If Clyde did serve here, the Familia Alegría (Carlos Alegría) sends their greetings. This week was really good. I have to buy the convertor today for my camera so there still aren´t pics, but hopefully they will come soon. I love you and will see you at Christmas!


Elder Sayler

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

In a Ciber, Training, Hahaha

Finally we are here at a Ciber to write. Its Wednesday, and so much has happened this week that we haven´t been able to write untiil now. So our last week in Conti with Elder Gutierrez was great. We found people and even set a baptism date with someone on the last day that he was here. It was pretty awesome because we weren´t even planning on teaching the Restoration, but she had so many questions about the Restoration that we ended up teaching it and then inviting her to be baptized. It was a great lesson. Then we got the news about changes - I´M TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY IN CONSTITUCIÖN!!! I couldn´t believe it. This meant that on Monday we skipped PDay and had to head up to Rancagua (5 hours on bus) just for a training meeting. That was really good. Then on Tuesday in the morning we had another meeting, but this time with the new missionaries and we found out who our new companions were. My companion is named Elder Lee. He´s from Utah. He´s blonde and just as tall as me so we stick out really well here in Chile hahaha He is awesome. He already knows so much spanish and we even got to teach today, his first day in Conti. On Tuesday we got out of the meeting late and so we only traveled 3 hours south and stayed in the house of the zone leaders because on Wednesday early in the morning we had a zone meeting in Talca. After that we traveled home the last 2 hours to Conti and now we are here writing. I am so excited to train. Hahaha I have no idea what President Harris was thinking when he assigned me to train, but I am so excited to do it, its going to be awesome. I guess now I have to be obedient or something hahaha oh well. But I am so excited to see what we can do this week and this change that we have together. Overall, everything is great down here and I´m looking forward to a new week. I love you and will see you in less than a year! 


Elder Sayler

And then a bit of back and forth :)

is there any money on my card? we went to talca too much this last change and so we overspent on bus tickets to go to zone activities and now we are almost out of money. I just wanted to make sure just in case something comes up and I need a little extra cash...

Yes - $100
I always refill it


ok thank you, you are a life saver! i will probs use my card today to buy some food and a convertor because my last companion accidentally burned it in the socket and now  my camera is dead and i cant charge it. thats why i cant send photos today....

Sounds good - I will then refill it next week just in case :)


thanks! I have enough money for stuff, its just that I have to buy gas and then reimburse it but that will take all my money and a few weeks to get it back :/ (gas=propane for cooking and hot water)

Late Letter


we are ok we just had to travel all day yesterday

we will have ot write tomorrow in the afternoon because that is the first chance that we will get.

lots of crazy things are happening here this change and im excited to tell you about it on wednesday


elder sayler

ps i am writing from presidents computer and its pretty cool

Monday, August 15, 2016

Paintballing, Chorrillana, Banana Milk, Oh My!

We went on a bike ride up the biggest hill
in the world to take pictures on this sign

This week has gotten a lot better in Chile! The sun is coming out almost every day and we even left in short sleeves the other day. In the night time it is always cold so we still have to bring a jacket with us everywhere, but the weather is getting a lot better. Not just the weather is getting better, but also the Work of Salvation is finally progressing! After 5 weeks here in Constitución without a single sign of progression, we finally have hope. Actually, we never really lost the faith, its just that right now we have finally found some progress. This week we found someone called Dahali. She is a single mom with three kids, two of which are all grown up, and the third is seven years old, but has some disabilities. His name is Gonzalo. We taught her and her inactive brother the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the other day and she accepted the invitation to get baptized on the 17th of September! She is so great! We have an appointment with her today so we are really excited to see her again! Also, today we are at computers that should be able to read my memory card on my camera so I will try to send a ton of pictures :) A year in the mission just passed by and I realized that I will be home this time next year or maybe on my way to college! The life goes by so fast. I love you and hope you have a great week!


We went paintballing!
Elder Sayler

Birthday party of a recent convert - Coni!

The largest chorrillana in the world

The bike chain slipped and I hit my knee on the
handle bars because the bike was small for me...

one of the best families here in Conti
This is for you mom

Dahali accepted a baptismal date (the first one in my time here in Conti)
 so we got to erase our drawing and write here name on the whiteboard!
Then we celebrated with Banana Milk hahaha
We took an awesome video but I can´t send it
so you will have to wait a year or so to see it :(

Thursday, August 11, 2016

1/2 Way Home (1/2 way done), Bad Internet = No Pics :0(


How`s life? Mine`s good. Actually, its better than good :) These weeks are flying by so fast, its incredible. I can`t believe it but I`m going to finish a year this week!!!!!!!!! Its crazy. I just realized that I am only going to have like two weeks at home before I go off to BYU. Or maybe I`ll have a bit more time, but still its a little rough. Everything is going well here. We are still tracting a ton. We had 5 appointments with future investigators that all fell this last week, but we still have like 20 future investigators to teach some day. We are working really hard. We taught this guy the other day that is very religious and we taught the Restoration with scriptures from the bible and everything. It was a really good lesson. The only problem is that he told us that after praying to receive an answer about the Book of Mormon he would have to go ask his Pastor what he thought about it. We might have to bible bash with him the next time hahaha that`s a joke I don`t bible bash. Actually, my scripture motto is 2 Nephi 7:8 as of right now. It helps remind me to testify because it is the most powerful tool we have. We are working so hard and starting to see more blessings and success. This week my district class is about finding new investigators to teach and we did a missionwide fast the other day so that everyone can find new people. Interesting story, the other day we went to a house to give a blessing of comfort and right before we did it the daughter came home with the family of a friend (luckily all were members so the blessing wasn`t wierd), but then it did get wierd. It turns out that this "friend" was just passing by with his whole family to ask the family that we were visiting if he could officially date their daughter. It was funny at first until every single person in the entire family had to speak about how they feel about the relationship and words of wisdom to help them have success. There were eleven people there, including us. We felt very out of place. But then they asked us to give our opinions and our advice to help the relationship and that was a little wierd. It was so funny. This was a really good week. I hope you had just as good a week if not better. I hope this week goes well. I love you!


Elder Sayler

2 Nephi 7:8 "And the Lord is near, and he justifieth me. Who will contend with me? Let us stand together. Who is mine adversary? Let him come near me, and I will smite him with the strength of my mouth."

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Looking for People to Teach...


It was crazy to see all of the cool stuff you guys did in Kansas and on your road trip! I can`t imagine that I will be going any time soon...but I still have another year in Chile so it doesn`t really matter at this point hahaha. It was good to see the pictures and get an update of the long lost West family. How goes life in Washington? Life in Chile gets better and better as the days get longer and longer. We are trying to work a ton. It can be hard sometimes. We don`t have a lot of people to work with right now (we haven`t had very many people to work with since I got here) but we are finding and looking for and tracting like crazy to find some people. We are also trying really hard to work well with the members of the church for references. If somebody is reading this right now that is not my mom, please, give references to the missionaries. It makes life better for everyone, including you. Finding people to teach is not only the work of missionaries, it is the work of every member of the church as well. I promise you will see a ton of blessings for your dedication to the Lord and his work. My companion, Elder Gutierrez is in his third transfer right now, but he is already an awesome missionary. He teaches me so much about finding opportunities to teach people, even when its difficult to teach someone or when it seems unlikely that we teach them. We are trying really hard to work well on our teaching. We have a lot of investigators that are complacent with just listening to the lessons and giving us food afterwards. We are trying to help them realize that we are not here to share food, we are here to share that the Lord has restored his precious truths to the earth again through a living prophet, starting with Joseph Smith. Food is always welcome to a missionary, its just better to teach something with the Spirit beforehand. I love you guys and am looking forward to hear about a great week and a ton of references to the missionaries. Have a good week!


Elder Sayler
The beach of Constitución!