Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfers, District Leader and Inside -out Umbrellas


This is my friend (behind me). Her name is Chola.
She comes and visits me every day.
My umbrella turned inside out in the wind and rain,
but there is also a saying in Chile that says
´´His umbrella is inside out´´ (not a direct translation)
 but that just means that somebody is gay
We have received some news on transfers - I´m going to the beach! I´m going to a place called ConstituciĆ³n. You should ask Clyde Carpenter about it because if I remember correctly he told me that he went there on his mission, too. I also am going to be a District Leader. The problem is that ConstituciĆ³n is about two hours away from my zone (called Talca) so it would be hard (and expensive) to do exchanges with missionaries. President solved that problem and my district is me and my companion, a different Elder Gutierrez, from Uruguay, and four sister missionaries. Its going to be...interesting. The missionaries in my zone are already calling me the Relief Society President. Its going to be awesome because the sister missionaries always make food and bring it to the district classes jajaja. This week was great. We didn´t see any baptisms this week, but it is almost 100% positive that Paniahue baptizes someone this change. Her name is Jeny and she´s awesome. I don´t have a ton of pictures to send this week because we tried to visit families and do my farewells yesterday, but nobody had time so we have seven families to visit today, all in four hours. It will be interesting. But I will have lots of pics to send so all is well, all is well. I hope everything goes well this week. Tomorrow I´m going to finish 11 months in the mission, just one left until one year done. I will see you all soon-ish. Christmas is coming so its soon. I love you guys.


Elder Sayler
Elder Sayler and Nacho

Elder Sayler and the Familia Gaete

Elder Sayler with Jeannette and Ripor

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