Sunday, July 24, 2016

Long Bus Rides and Goodbye Chola

This dog was my neighbor. Her name is Chola (I named her)
 and we were best friends every day :)

This week was so busy, yet we did nothing. Constituciòn is different than other places. It is either very warm or very very rainy. Tuesday I left Santa Cruz to come here. I took a bus for two hours to get to Talca, and then two more hours to get to Conti. We didn`t have hardly any time to work after that. Then on Wednesday we got up early and caught a bus for two hours to get to Talca to get to the Leadership meeting at 9:00. We got home that day at 5:30 and the power was out in the entire city and it was storming like none other. We just found refuge in a few houses until we got home. On Thursday I had to go to Rancagua for a training for District Leaders. That`s five hours on bus to get there. There goes Thursday. On Friday we had the training and it was really great. President Harris did it. Then I had to travel the five hours home and we couldn`t find buses and stuff so we got home at like 11:30. On Saturday we had a full day of work and that was good, except it was stormy. Yesterday we had a good day at church and then we planned for hours, and it was stormy so we went out and we found a lady that explained to us her conversion to the Adventists for about an hour and then it was time to go home. I got my package! Thank you sooooo much. The treats are awesome. The best part is that my companion got a package too so we share and I eat Uruguayan treats that are really good. My companion is awesome. He`s a professional soccer player in Uruguay. But he works hard and is nice so I`m excited for this change. I hope everything is going well up there. All`s good down here. Its sunny and we are wearing short sleeves!!! I love you all and will see you soon!


Elder Sayler
The familia Ulloa. I tried to baptize the half of this family that isn`t a member,
but they are very stubborn hahaha

Danilo is one of my favorite members.
His family never let us share the gospel :/

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