Monday, July 25, 2016

Busy Busy Busy


So this week was about the same as the last week, if not worse. We had a family home evening on Monday, and then on Tuesday we had our district class. I taught about the importance of inviting people to get baptized. Then all that day we were on special exchanges with the Elders in Lircay in Talca because on Wednesday we had a special training meeting with President Harris in Talca. He talked a ton about eating healthy and doing a ton of exercises because he is a professional trainer and a heart surgeon. It was pretty cool. Then the secretaries called us and told us that on Thursday in the morning, Elder Gutierrez had to do his carnet (his Chilean ID card) so we did another day of exchanges with Lircay. They didn´t have any lessons planned so we did three and a half hours of contacting from 5:30 - 9:00. It was a  long day. And then we did the carnet of Elder Gutierrez on Thursday and got back to Constitución in the afternoon. We have been able to work pretty well since then. We have found a few families that have a lot of potential, one family that is already trying to plan their wedding so that they can get baptized. We are going to visit them again this week. We had a super good lesson with a man named Patricio about the Book of Mormon and the authority of the Church and we invited him to be baptized, but he still won´t commit to a date. He will get baptized soon. This week was actually pretty good. We went to Talca today and played soccer on a big field of 11 vs 11. Now we don´t have any time to write today so we are writing President and mom today and on Wed or Thurs everybody else, so I will send pics then. I love you guys and hope you have a good week!


Elder Sayler

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Long Bus Rides and Goodbye Chola

This dog was my neighbor. Her name is Chola (I named her)
 and we were best friends every day :)

This week was so busy, yet we did nothing. Constituciòn is different than other places. It is either very warm or very very rainy. Tuesday I left Santa Cruz to come here. I took a bus for two hours to get to Talca, and then two more hours to get to Conti. We didn`t have hardly any time to work after that. Then on Wednesday we got up early and caught a bus for two hours to get to Talca to get to the Leadership meeting at 9:00. We got home that day at 5:30 and the power was out in the entire city and it was storming like none other. We just found refuge in a few houses until we got home. On Thursday I had to go to Rancagua for a training for District Leaders. That`s five hours on bus to get there. There goes Thursday. On Friday we had the training and it was really great. President Harris did it. Then I had to travel the five hours home and we couldn`t find buses and stuff so we got home at like 11:30. On Saturday we had a full day of work and that was good, except it was stormy. Yesterday we had a good day at church and then we planned for hours, and it was stormy so we went out and we found a lady that explained to us her conversion to the Adventists for about an hour and then it was time to go home. I got my package! Thank you sooooo much. The treats are awesome. The best part is that my companion got a package too so we share and I eat Uruguayan treats that are really good. My companion is awesome. He`s a professional soccer player in Uruguay. But he works hard and is nice so I`m excited for this change. I hope everything is going well up there. All`s good down here. Its sunny and we are wearing short sleeves!!! I love you all and will see you soon!


Elder Sayler
The familia Ulloa. I tried to baptize the half of this family that isn`t a member,
but they are very stubborn hahaha

Danilo is one of my favorite members.
His family never let us share the gospel :/

Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfers, District Leader and Inside -out Umbrellas


This is my friend (behind me). Her name is Chola.
She comes and visits me every day.
My umbrella turned inside out in the wind and rain,
but there is also a saying in Chile that says
´´His umbrella is inside out´´ (not a direct translation)
 but that just means that somebody is gay
We have received some news on transfers - I´m going to the beach! I´m going to a place called Constitución. You should ask Clyde Carpenter about it because if I remember correctly he told me that he went there on his mission, too. I also am going to be a District Leader. The problem is that Constitución is about two hours away from my zone (called Talca) so it would be hard (and expensive) to do exchanges with missionaries. President solved that problem and my district is me and my companion, a different Elder Gutierrez, from Uruguay, and four sister missionaries. Its going to be...interesting. The missionaries in my zone are already calling me the Relief Society President. Its going to be awesome because the sister missionaries always make food and bring it to the district classes jajaja. This week was great. We didn´t see any baptisms this week, but it is almost 100% positive that Paniahue baptizes someone this change. Her name is Jeny and she´s awesome. I don´t have a ton of pictures to send this week because we tried to visit families and do my farewells yesterday, but nobody had time so we have seven families to visit today, all in four hours. It will be interesting. But I will have lots of pics to send so all is well, all is well. I hope everything goes well this week. Tomorrow I´m going to finish 11 months in the mission, just one left until one year done. I will see you all soon-ish. Christmas is coming so its soon. I love you guys.


Elder Sayler
Elder Sayler and Nacho

Elder Sayler and the Familia Gaete

Elder Sayler with Jeannette and Ripor

New Mission President :)

Dear Family of Elder Sayler,

We are President and Sister Harris, and we just arrived in Chile as representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to direct the work of Jesus Christ in this part of the world. Also, We are excited to work with Elder Sayler, who we had the opportunity to meet this week.

Thank you for the support that you are giving him. Elder Sayler is an excellent missionary, and we are ready to work hand in hand in this great Work of Salvation for the children of our Heavenly Father.

President and Sister Harris

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Hello familia

This was a good week. It went by soooo quick. I went on divisions out of Paniahue (finally) on Tuesday AND on Wednesday, so those days went by quick. Then on Thursday we had to go to Rancagua and were there all day. On Saturday we had an awesome family home evening with a family of investigators. We watched Meet the Mormons and they were like, ´´I want to go to church tomorrow!´´ We were like, ´´Ya come with us por favor!´´ Of course, they are chileans, so they didn´t go ...oh well they are going to get baptized someday. We had a couple of lessons this week. They were awesome. Elder Gutierrez is a freaking genious when it comes to teaching the gospel and stuff. We will know about changes this Saturday and I will write you the news when it comes. I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!


Elder Sayler