Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Slow Week and an Impressive Onion


The most impressive onion I've ever seen
This week was a little bit slow. It was actually one of the slowest weeks that I think we have ever had. We only had one lesson. The ENTIRE week. Other than that it was good. We had some divisions and I stayed in Paniahue with an Elder from Brazil who only had 8 days in the mission. It was awesome to see what its like to be with a new Elder and more importantly, see how much progress, knowledge, faith, and growth I´ve had in the 10 months since I left home. I finished 10 months yesterday (loco). I´d say the mission is going pretty well. Its always going to have its ups and downs, especially when you´re in Paniahue, but we have some plans to change things up a bit. We talked with our Ward Mission Leader and we made a plan to do a sort of huge family home evening as a branch and invite investigators and members and everybody we can. Chile played against Bolivia in the Copa America this week, so we were in the house early. We made a huge pot of Arroz Chaufa (a Peruvian dish) with Elder Mesías, the Peruvian of the house. It was pretty good. I might have to make it some day in the house. Its a lot like a fried rice. That´s about it for me this week. I hope everything is going well up there with school getting out and everything. Meredith is going to be a Senior! Wow. I love you all and will see you all soonish.


Elder Sayler

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