Friday, June 3, 2016

Hello hello!

Hello hello!

This week was frickin´ great. We have finally seen all the blessings that we were missing out on all of the last change. First of all, I went on divisions to a place called Nancagua for like three days so that was my entire week. We didn´t really do anything, we just played some soccer and painted a house for hours, but it was still fun to chill with some other Elders for a while. While I was away, Elder Gutierrez put two baptism dates with people. Then I got back and we put 3 more in the next two days. We now have 8 people with baptism dates in our sector. I know that the Lord wants his children to learn the gospel and that he has guided us to those who he has prepared to receive it. We are working a ton in the sector now and its awesome. Even more awesome is that changes are tomorrow, and Elder Gutierrez and I are going to stay together here! We are going to be able to see the progression and hopefully baptisms of lots of people together. What a blessing it is to help people to come unto Chirst and make covenants with him through baptism. I´m so thankful that the Lord is guiding his church and that he makes it possible for us His children to help His other children come unto Him. Other than that we just are doing a ton of work and focusing hard to become better teachers and better representatives of Jesus Christ. I hope that everything is going well up there in the USofA and I hope to hear from all of you next week. I love you and will see you soon.


Elder Sayler

PS in two weeks I´m going to complete 10 months in the mission! Crazyyyyy!

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