Monday, June 6, 2016

Decisions, Bball and Truck Washing

Hello Hello!
This week, I´m not sure what changed, but we´re back to normal Paniahue again. We worked as hard as we could, yet we still only had 3 lessons this week. It ok because we do have people working diligently towards being baptized, and that´s all that matters. We also hit an alltime low in our church attendance this last week. The week before we had an alltime high of 39, yesterday we had an alltime low of 13 people. It was an interesting church day. 
We played basketball for PDay today, my first time in the mission. On the 12th I´m going to finish 10 months since I left home on that dark August morning. Wow how time flies (more or less). In reality, sometimes time flies, but sometimes it feels really really slow. It just depends on the day.
I´m working on your guys´ package. I took out the money last week, so we are one step closer to sending off the package. The problem is that there isn´t much good stuff here in Santa Cruz. I will see what I can do. 
Four of the baptismal dates we had set fell through yesterday. We will try to re-set them this week if we can. These people need to get baptized some day. 
I´m having a great time with Elder Gutierrez. We work out every day together and everything. We get along really well. The only problem is that neither of us likes to make the decisions, so its like, ´´what do you want to do? I dunno, what do you want to do? I dunno.´´ or ´´Do you want soda with lunch or juice? Its the same for me. Whatever you want. I don´t care, you choose.´´ Just little things like that that we can never decide on. Either way this doesn´t stop the work from progressing. 
We had an awesome service the other day. We found this old guy washing a truck and we were like ´´hey can we help you?´´ and he was like ´´no´´ so we picked up his tools and started washing his truck for him anyway. He invited us to come back and chat some day. I am excited. His name is José (just like every other Chilean here). We had a pretty good week. 
I can´t believe you guys are driving to Kansas this summer without me. I am so bummed. I have always wanted to go and now I´m stuck here in freaking Chile. Its ok. I will forgive you (eventually). I lost my spanish hymn book and so that´s why I need a new one. The English hymn book I asked for is just for fun, because I miss singing in english and can never remember the words to the verses. If you want that scripture case thing you have to send me the pictures so that I can send them to the guy that does them. I will order them when I can and when I can verify the cost. I love you guys and hope everything up there is just as great as it is down here.


Elder Sayler

PS Happy birthday, Dad!

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