Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cupcakes and Chainsaws


In service with investigators making cakes!
And mini-cupcakes
This week was pretty crazy, and yet, I still feel like not a lot went down. Monday we played a game of dodgeball with the zone and it was pretty fun. We walked around all week. We usually walk for about three and a half to five hours every day. We really get around. On Wednesday we had divisions with my district leader and I stayed in Paniahue again. We had two lessons that were super great. One of them we taught part of the Plan of Salvation and then we fixed another baptism date. After that we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wrecked in a spiritual way. We got to do a couple of services this week. We got to help an investigator make cakes and cupcakes for Father´s Day. Then on Saturday, we got to chop a ton of wood! It was so much fun because it was the first time in my mission, and the first time for the other missionaries I was with in their lives. I even had to teach them how to use the chainsaw because the guy just handed it to them while it was running and said, ´´you just press here and it goes´´ and let them at it. This week was super great. Today we went to Pichilemu again. It was fantastic. We got to do a ton of cool stuff like take awesome pictures, play volleyball in the beach, and eat a huge barbecue. I´m excited to see how this week goes for us. Happy Father´s Day! I got to speek this week and I spoke about the roles of fathers in our lives and how that relates to the role of our Heavenly Father in our lives. We had a fun week this week and next week is going to be crazy. I love you guys and will tell you about it next week.

Elder Sayler

This crazy guy almost died trying to surf in Punto de Lobos

Selfie game is just so hard right now

Me and one of my best friends in the mission - Elder Carneiro from Brazil!

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