Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pichilemu for PDay

Jelou Jelou

That`s how my lame companion wrote hello once (not Elder Gutierrez). Everything is good down here in Paniahue. There still isn`t a lot to report seeing as how all we do is walk around now. I`m not sure what happened, but for the last few weeks we have been doing nothing but walking around all day. The other day we passed by over 10 members and investigators and we only got into one house. A different day this week we walked for 5 hours before someone let us in. But that`s just the mission I suppose. Elder Gutierrez and I are working as hard as possible. Despite the fact that we haven`t had many lessons, the few that we have had have been super great. We are working super hard. I hope you`ll forgive a short message this week, but we will talk on Skype soon so it shouldn`t be too bad. We are in Pichilemu right now, on the beach. Its super beautiful. I`ll start on your package next week probably because we are going to get back from PDay late today because Pichilemu is 2 hours away from Santa Cruz. I am also trying to send photos, but the computers are really slow and I need some time to do it. But things are good and I will see you guys soon to talk.

Elder Sayler

PS I will call you at 7:30 SANTIAGO TIME

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