Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Skype Session and the 'Zoo' in Santa Cruz

"Hello Hello 123 123"

My Mother's Day card
That´s what everyone yells at me in the street here in Chile. Or the girls yell, ´Ay que lindo, que precioso, que bonito...´ (So fine or perfect (a 10), so precious, so handsome) etc. They treat me like an animal in the zoo, petting me, trying to touch my hair, yelling at me. I guess that´s just Santa Cruz for you. Anyway, this week was the slowest of all the weeks. I guess I already told you a little bit over Skype. But just a recap - we walked around for hours everyday trying to find people that were never in their houses. Actually though, we only had two lessons this entire week. I´m glad I´m not training because this would be a very disheartening change for a new missionary. But Elder Gutierrez and I are just more and more motivated to work even harder. We are going to put in some work this week and we should see the results afterward. It was great to see the family again. Next time we Skype is in Christmas and that seems like forever away, but they say that time flies after a year, and I´m going to complete a year before the next conference, so maybe the time will fly. Who knows? We have a singing devotional this Saturday and the Zone Leaders are trying to get me to sing in a duet. We´ll see what happens. Other than that, life´s good and the mission´s good, and I don´t have much else to say. I love you all and will talk to you next week!
Skyping as a family


Elder Sayler

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