Saturday, May 21, 2016

Goats, Weird Dogs and Feeling Trunky

Hello Hello

I´m super trunky now looking at all the pictures from the Olympus Rally that you guys sent me. Trunky means thinking about and/or missing home. But the pictures and the video are awesome. This week we´ve really buckled down and worked hard. We didn´t have a lot of success with numbers still, but we do feel better about the work that we are putting in. We found a family that´s super awesome. The mom´s name is Yasna and her husband´s name if Rafael. They live with six other people from their family in their house. Yasna is pregnant so we left a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation. When we stopped by again, she said that she had read it and that she loved it. She said she really liked the references to scriptures in the Bible and the message that it presents. She also asked us if we have any other pamphlets. We stopped by with a pamphlet of the Restoration and a Book of Mormon and left both with her. She is even doing the additional study that is found in the back of the pamphlet with the Bible and the Book of Mormon. We have a lesson with her tomorrow and I´m sure that it is going to be an awesome lesson. We talked to Carmen, our investigator that smokes a lot, too. She is really working hard to quit smoking. She has a date for baptism - on the 18th of June! And she knows that she has to quit smoking before getting baptized. I think that this date for baptism is going to be the one because she is really excited. She even went to church the other day and said that she really liked it! Its amazing to see how the Lord blesses people when they have found the truth and apply the principles to their lives. I gave a talk in church yesterday. In spanish it was called, ´El Mayor en el Reino de los Cielos´ from Matthew 18:1-5. It was about how we can become like children to have a place in heaven. I felt the Spirit a lot and I think it went pretty well. An Elder that served here three years ago came back to visit Chile and stopped by to give a performance. I guess he´s a professional dancer/singer/pianist. A lot of people came to church just to see him, and he also gave a good talk about the grace of Christ and the Atonement. This week I´ve been trying hard to apply the Atonement into my life because I´m super imperfect and hate being so bad. Elder Gutierrez and I are working hard out here in Paniahue. We are seeing lots of blessings and I am excited to see where these next two weeks we have left together go. I feel like I´m going to leave and Elder Gutierrez is going to stay. Things are really picking up and I have a lot of friends here. Almost enough to make me want to stay another change. We will see what happens I guess. I hope everything is going well up there in Washington. I love you guys and will write you all next week.
Some goats we found in the road...?


Elder Sayler

A good friend of mine, Bryan, left on his mission to Guatemala

The bikes the other Elders let us use  -
"Violents are those who provoke social inequality
and not those that fight against it"

My booty after after a good day of riding bikes in the rain

I guess all the dogs here are weird 

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  1. Dear Elder Saylor: hope that all is going well for you, thank you for sharing about your contacts and follow ups,this is so GREAT that you have baptisms with in reach of you seeing the blessings coming for you to feel the spirit. You will be so blessed as you serve the Lord that it will benefit you the rest of your life ~!! Parker seems to be doing GREAT also he has been transferred a while ago and is closer into the city area. I think that has been better for him so he is able to buy things that he needs. when he was out in the country it was harder and it costs so much money for him to go to a larger city to buy things. He said that and ice cream cone costs about $5.00. His birthday is coming up soon and so we will just put some extra money in his account so that he can have ice cream for his birthday with his companion. We have send him some packages and some are coming back as he would have to pay duty like on them and it is not worth it.
    Always so glad to ready your letters thank you for them !~!! Have a GREAT week and hope that you have more baptism on the horizon ~!!
    Sending you prayers and love that we know that you will be guided to the doors of the families that are seeking the gospel ~!!
    Ed & Jan Wagley