Friday, May 27, 2016

BBQ and Out Almost 10 Months

Hello Hello 

This week was super awesome. We had a ton of success (relatively) compared to what we have had for the past almost three months. We now have three investigators with baptism dates (including Carmen) and we found five new investigators this week alone. The Lord has been great to us and has blessed us a lot. We are in the last week before the changes and we are going to work hard as ever to get everything done the way it should be. We had a barbecue today for PDay and it was super good, the best one I´ve had since I got here in Chile. It isn´t the same one as the one we did last week that I´m going to send you the picture of today. I´m trying to think of everthing that we did this week, but I can´t think of everything jajaja. We are working a lot harder and teaching a lot more than we have taught the entire change just this week. We are super excited for the coming week to work and get some stuff done. I was thinking about something this week. When was the last time that you prayed to know that the church is true? I have learned that we shouldn´t just rely on one spiritual experience in our lives to found our faith, but we should continually renew our faith. We don´t have to ask God if the church is true, but we can ask him to confirm the faith or testimony that we have about the church. I have done this a lot and I can see my testimony grow every time I do so. I completed 8 months in Chile yesterday, which means in about two weeks I will complete ten months from the day I left my house. This is crazy to me, but I guess that is the mission. I´m doing great and I hope everybody else is too. I love you all.


Elder Sayler

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