Friday, April 1, 2016


Our zone at the Lagoon in Chépica
Wow this week was pretty good! I´ve been working really hard lately and it looks like its actually paying off! We had more success this week than in the past 3! We finally got a few baptism dates set. We actually set three this week! Two of them fell through because they didn´t go to church, but we will re-set them and then we´ll be ready for some more baptisms. This week was the Semana Santa - The Holy Week. I´ve shared that Easter video from the church so many times I can quote it in spanish. If you don´t know what I´m talking about, the spanish link is and I´m sure if its the same in english its The video is super good and it brings the spirit a ton. The people here take the Semana Santa very seriously, even though very few actually go to church. They take it seriously in the meaning that they just want to party all the time and don´t have any time for the missionaries. Its ok. The ones that do have time for the missionaries are the ones who are going to get closer to God and Jesus Christ. I´ve done a lot of studies these past few weeks and I´ve found that I love to read the bible. I read the Book of Mormon a lot, too, but I can´t get enough of the bible. Its a big difference between me and my companion. He doesn´t even carry his bible when we go out to do work. Its ok though. I make sure that I study the bible and the Book of Mormon every day because they both testify of Jesus Christ in a big way. I use colored pencils and all of my scriptures are color-coded for finding scriptures and whenever people see my scriptures they just think that I´m coloring in them. Really I just love to read and there are a ton of verses that call out to me for one reason or another. I have received a ton of strength and knowledge from my studies that helps me every day in the work and with my life. I love the topic of grace. It really is amazing how much our Saviour has done for us. Man still can´t comprehend all that Christ does, but every day I learn a little bit more about it and it blows my mind. I truly am very indebted to the Lord. It helps repenting of my sins every day. Today we went to some lagoon in a place called Chépica. It was beautiful and I will send some photos. Elder Barboza and I don´t take very many photos. Oh well, we have a few. Well, this week was pretty darn good. A few days were hard, a few days were super easy, but every day was a spiritual experience and one step further to becoming a consegrated missionary. I love you all and will see you in a month or so for Mother´s day.


Elder Sayler

Almost everyone did it...

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