Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Paniahue: 6 Investigators


Wow was this week a good one. I had one of the best conference experiences this week than I have ever had in my life. Even though I had to watch all of the Sunday sessions in spanish. I loved all of the talks. Elder Holland was so powerful! Well, it was probably a little more powerful in english, but I could see based on his face and actions his true conviction. Elder Eyring also did a super good job. An even greater blessing was that for the first time this change, we actually had investigators in the church! It only took four weeks, but we had six investigators that went to see the prophet talk and it was super great. I love to see how they felt the spirit and want to be part of this great work on the earth. The highlight of my week was definitely General Conference. This was also my SECOND GENERAL CONFERENCE which means that I have definitely been in Chile for more than six months. All the missionaries say, ´How time flies bye in the mission´ but it still kind of thinking that the mission is the same speed as back at home. We haven´t had a ton of success here in Paniahue (still), but things are really picking up. Elder Barboza randomely opened the Book of Mormon and found a scripture that changed his whole outlook on the mission. Hmmmm what else... we saw an Aston Martin Rapide in the Centro de Santa Cruz the other day, which was a little weird because its like a little farming town in Chile why is there an Aston Martin...? I guess it was just a blessing for me. I saw a trailor for The Jungle Book with live people and computer animation the other day that looked really good. Maybe Elder Barboza and I will go see it... jajaja, jk. We had a couple good lessons this week. Its really hard to baptize down here because nobody can get married right on the first try. They get married and then a divorce takes about three years, so they just separate and live with some other person that they call their husband/wife, but really have no legal rights to them whatsoever. We have one investigator that is in this situation and wants to get baptized. This week we helped her realize the blessings of baptism and she told us that she is going to start working on her divorce so that she can get baptized. That was a blessing, too. Changes are coming up in two weeks and I´m getting excited to see what´s going to happen. I have a funny feeling that I´m going to get to train a new missionary here in Paniahue. That would be awesome. Mother´s day is coming up, too! I´m going to get to see you guys soon! I´ve decided on what I can send home in my package, so you can expect to see some random stuff bought on my personal card this week or this month. I love you guys and can´t wait to see you all! Have a great week!
"Jajaja parecemos enojados! pero mi compañero es genial! parece alemán sí, pero nada que ver. " -Elder Barboza
translation: Hahaha we seem angry ! but my partner is great! He seems German yes, but he's not
Little does he know that Thomas is 1/4 German
Elder Sayler

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