Friday, April 29, 2016

Mate, Mustaches' and Money Mistakes


I found a picture of Elder Gutierrez
This was the first week with my new companion, Elder Gutierrez. He´s super awesome. We forgot to take a picture together so I dont think there is one of him, but we´ll get one next week. We kind of just walked around all week because for some reason everyone and their mother left Paniahue. Its ok. We only had three lessons this week in our sector so our numbers were an all time low, but that´s ok because this week´s goals are awesome and are going to change the sector forever. We are working with an investigator named Carmen and we are trying to help her quit smoking. She´s been smoking for about 40 years, since she was 15, so its a little hard for her, but she´s really trying and is going to get baptized, hopefully this next month. She´s really the only person we were able to visit this week. We also had to go to Rancagua...again. This time it was for divisions with the assistants. That went pretty well. They made a super mistake and accidentally paid the equivalent of $40.00 for two pizzas. Needless to say, I don´t have any money, but somehow I managed to pay half of my part in small coins. We kind of walked around the whole time that day, too. In reality, this week was really slow. Then on Sunday, we had 4 set appointments fall through and we had an all time low of 14 people (including us) at church on Sunday. Our Sunday School class only missed two people from the Sacrament Meeting, which were the Primary and her Teacher. Our Priesthood meeting had 5 people - us and the Branch Presidency. Overall it was kindof a weird week, but it was still good. We get to Skype in a few more weeks and I am super stoked. I don´t know what time, but we will figure it out soon. I love you all and will see you all soonish! 

I almost fell in
They took out our land bridge, I think to avoid flooding of the river..
Elder Carneiro -the Brazilero
Elder Sayler

I was on divisions with a Brazilero and he brought us all Brazil moustaches and we drank mate. He thought he was funny so he gave the German the Hitler ´stache

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