Monday, April 11, 2016

Busy Week


Wow this week was crazyyyyyy! I only had like three days in Paniahue hahaha. On Monday it was PDay so we only did a few things afterward because we didn´t have a ton of time, on Tuesday we worked all day, on Wednesday I was in a sector called Nancagua on exchanges, Thursday I went to Rancagua early in the day, Friday we were in Rancagua all day, Saturday we went to a baptism, taught english, and played soccer, and then Sunday we had a family home evening kind of lesson that took all the afternoon after we did weekly planning. This week was packed, just not with anything super cool.
Its crazy to think that Madi is married mom will you send me another wedding invite thing in my package because the one that I have here got destroyed in my bag and I want a nice one :) The pictures turned out super well, too. 
We aren´t going to baptize anybody this change, but we should be able to get some the next one. We have a couple people that are preparing really well. Elder Barboza is going home in ten days (I keep the countdown just to remind him) and he is soooooo dead. He said that I´m going to have to drag him around for the next week, but I´m going to work him so hard that he won´t have time to get dragged around. I´m going to tell you now that I´m not going to send pictures today. I´m sorry, but we have a Noche de Hogar tonight and we have to show Meet the Mormons, but don't have it so its downloading right now. Since our time is limited, I´m trying not to do too much so that it downloads quickly. It was nice to go back to Rancagua. I love that place. We didn´t go and visit anybody because we didn´t have a lot of time, but we did walk around a little bit and it was fun to see the place again. I think that today or next week I´m going to buy some stuff to send home. I finally decided on what I can get you guys and its going to be awesome. It might cost a little bit of money though, I have to see what I can get. The work is going well here. I have a haunting feeling that I´m going to train this next change and that I might be District Leader. That will be interesting if it actually happens. I love you guys. We get to Skype on the 8th of May I think. That is going to be awesome. I love you guys and will see you soon!


Elder Sayler

PS sorry for the short email

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