Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bones, Temblores and Sunsets

And then I converted back
 to my undomesticated state...
I found this bone in the back woods of Paniahue
 when we were walking to a lesson...

Wow this change is FINALLY over. It was kind of long. I`d say the worst part was the fact that my companion was going home and so he was always talking about it and thinking about it which made me think about home way too much for my own good. That ,and with Madi getting married, I thought about home a lot. Glad that`s all over with. I am officially getting a new companion tomorrow. His name is Elder Gutierrez. He`s from Mexico. This is going to be his fourth Change and my sixth so I`m really excited. We`re going to work super hard and get some stuff done this change. I`ve set goals already for 5 baptisms. I already know Elder Gutierrez from when I was in Rancagua. I was in Cachapoal and he was in Requinoa. We were in the same district and when we went on divisions together we worked really well, so I`m excited. 
Elder Barboza is going back to Spain. He finished the mission and now he`s done. I don`t think he liked me very much. That`s ok. I didn`t come to the mission just to make friends. We worked hard and worked well together despite our differences and now its back to our lives as they were. We taught one of our investigators the Word of Wisdom this week. She`s been addicted to smoking since she was 15 and should have died (according to the doctors) last August, but she`s still fine so now we have the chance to work with her. I think its going to be a struggle, but its all going to be worth it. 
I heard there was an earthquake here the other day. They said it was in the 5`s. There are two types of earthquakes here. There are Temblores and there are Terremotos. That was a Temblor. What may be an earthquake in the States they don`t even consider an earthquake down here. Just that the earth...quaked...a little bit. But don`t worry, everything is fine down here, I didn`t even feel it (I`m practically Chileno). That`s about everything that went down this week. 
For some reason they haven`t given us our Reajuste (extra money that they give us because we spend so much on transportation) so I might have to spend personal money on my food this week and next week. Sorry. I guess the gift that I`m trying to do is just going to have to wait. 
The sun knows how to set in Santa Cruz
                                A picture of the sunset in part of my sector

I love you guys and we are going to Skype on the 8th so be ready because I am super excited, especially after thinking about my family every day for the past six weeks. I love you guys and will see you all soon!


Elder Sayler

I was feeling artistic when I went to Rancagua. I swear this is Chile and not Texas.

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