Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Guess I Play the Piano.....


Wow I think the weeks are getting longer! And colder. Or maybe that´s just Santa Cruz for you! We really didn´t do a ton this week. Elder Barboza is an interesting missionary. He´s going home in a few weeks. He just wants to work with less actives and inactives and doesn´t really care if we have investigators or baptism dates or investigators in the chapel on Sunday. He just wants the Branch President to like him and wants more people to come to church. We had 22 people there yesterday. Elder Barboza told the Branch President that I play piano so I had three days to practice the three hymns that I´ve never played before and then play them during sacrament meeting. Let´s just say that I felt the spirit very strongly in that meeting because of how hard I was repenting after the first two hymns I tried to play. We sang the third hymn without piano. I did give a talk though. I talked for 15 minutes about Faith and Works. I told them that some of my goals are more people in the church on Sundays and that I can´t just sit around and wait for it to happen, but the Lord will bless me that it will happen through my works, and that they should think about their faith and works as well. I thought it went really well. We had a few lessons with new investigators this week on divisions. I was with Elder Shumway in our sector of Paniahue. That was awesome because we both have had Elder Barboza as a companion and he helped me a lot. We worked really hard that day. Other than that, we didn´t really do a lot this week. Santa Cruz is pretty tranquil so its not going to be too crazy ever. Sorry that this week´s email is short, but when more happens I will write more. I can´t wait to see you guys. Just a little more time! And I´m super stoked for General Conference! Its going to be awesome! Oh well. Everything is going well here and I hope its all well up there as well. I love you all.


Elder Sayler

PS Mom will you put money on my card? I need to buy a pair of pants to wear when its cold...

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Branch in Paniahue


They´re making bricks next to our house!
Wow I hate cambios (changes or transfers: where a missionary moves to a different area). Well, they´re not too bad. It just sucks to have to pack up and leave and then unpack and wait 6 more weeks to see if you have to do it again or no. My new companion is named Elder Barboza. He was born in Peru, but has lived in Spain for about 15 years. He´s pretty cool. The sector is called Paniahue. Its got a branch of about 15 people and its a quiet, tranquil place. We don´t have a lot to work with right now, but we are trying to work a ton to get better. I think Presidente is testing me. Its hard because our styles are so different that we don´t have a ton of unity yet. We also haven´t taught any lessons yet so we will see this week. Elder SepĂșlveda is here, in the sector almost next to ours. He had to be special changed after 5 days in the new change in Cachapoal. I guess one of the ladies that we were working with was trying to get a little too friendly with him. I have to give a talk this week in church. Every third Sunday is to the missionaries because there are not enough people in the branch. Nothing really happened this week...we don´t have a ton of people that we are working with and we haven´t really taught anyone anyway. We are going to change a few things around here though. Wow. That´s literally about everything. We played soccer the other day for my first time in about 3 months. It was lots of fun. On Sunday we had a transmission from Salt Lake. It was Elder Nelson and a few other church leaders. It was about keeping the commandments. Elder Nelson speaks spanish pretty well. It was a good transmission. Well this week was pretty good, but I still hope the next week is even better. I love you all and will see you soon (relatively).

Elder Sayler

They were trying to barbecue for us and the coals were´t
 heating up fast enough so they got out the hair dryer and went to work 

Madilyn: I asked him some questions about his mission and this is what he said:

1. When was your first baptism?
 - I never have had and never will have a baptism, all of them are the Lord´s
2. How many have you had?
 - I never have had and never will have a baptism, all of them are the Lord´s
3. How many have YOU baptized?
 - It says in the scriptures that you must be baptized by water and by fire (the spirit). Thus, I haven´t baptized anyone, its the water and the spirit that really does the baptizing.

he's such a punk haha

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Area, New Boots, New Companion


I woke up like this...

Old shoes...

Happy birthday, Mom! And yes I remembered by myself and it wasn´t the emails from my sisters or my father that reminded me. Changes are in - I´m leaving Cachapoal! I´m going to a place called Santa Cruz to a sector called Paniahue A I think is how its spelled. I´m a little sad to go and leave behind all of our investigators and people that I love, but I´m also ready for some new experiences. I´m going to start taking more money off my card because its getting colder here and I´m going to start winter shopping. The shoes that we bought finally blew out...like 4 months ago...but I´ve still been wearing them all the time. I was going to buy myself some boots today for the winter, but a member gave me a super awesome pair yesterday as a gift - brand new!
I was so greatful! They are super nice and will last me until the end of my life. I´m about 6´8¨ in these shoes, its crazy.
All the Chilenos look at me like, ¿where are you from freak of nature? I think its funny. I just try not to look down on them too much...jajaja that´s a joke because I´m tall and they´re not.  We finally baptized Fran on Saturday! 

New boots!

It was soooooooo great! We confirmed her on Sunday and she was crying. She is already searching for her geneology and is going to the temple on Saturday for some baptisms! We sang at her baptism and it was super great. People were crying. Her dad has been giving her a lot of anti-mormon stuff lately and says that he hates all Mormons (including us), so we visited him alone yesterday. We just kept inviting him to church and he was really nice to us. His wife (who is literally our mom away from home) (she calls us her babies and always gives us food) called us and told us that he was crying when he was talking to her after our talk with him. We have a dinner scheduled today with them and I think he´s going to get baptized this next change. I´ve learned a ton in my time here in Cachapoal. Elder SepĂșlveda, although we had our differences, taught me so much about what it means to be a disciple and a missionary of Christ. My testimony has grown so much through his example and always pushing me to be better. I´m going to miss it here, but its also going to be a great time in Santa Cruz. I love you guys and happy 26th birthday, Mom. I hope its a good one. (I am 42)
My mission expires at the same time as these Nerds...
and I thought candy almost never expires!
Its called a Choripleto...

Its like a dream come true

Elder Sayler

New zone shirts - This one has a chupalla,
a traditional hat used by the chileno rednecks

These were a gift from Fran´s mom, Alicia.
She is like our mother here in Chile.
She calls us here babies and loves us so much.
She gave us these earrings as a gift for our mothers
because she wants to thank you for raising your children
 in such a way to allow them to come to Chile to help her family.
Also she wants that every time I see you wearing them I think of her down here.
A gift for Mom!