Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Safari Trip

We found Churrascos for 5 lucas, but they´re a whole KILOGRAM!

This is called ´Pastel do Choclo¨ or ´Corn Cake´
Its like a corn bread with ground beef and sauce and
 chicken beneath - and this one was HUGE!
Another one of my favorite lunches from one of
my favorite people in the mission, Hermana Clementina Galarce!

This week wasn´t super action filled, but it was super great regardless. We have an investigator named Fran that is going to be baptized soon. We really have a good relationship with her and her family. Her mom got baptized about ten years ago, but we can´t find her records anywhere so we might get to rebaptize her. The last time she didn´t even know what the Book of Mormon was so this time we are going to do it right. She is praying to know the truth of our message. The father is a little hard though. His fathers are both Evangelica pastors so he has some very firm beliefs that are very hard to conquer. For example they asked us if the Evangelical Church doesn´t have the authority of God (priesthood) how can they see ´miracles´and speek in tongues. That was hard to answer. Afterward we read The Family: A Proclamation to the World and
testified until the mom and Fran were crying. Because of the power of the spirit, not out of boredom or anything. And they just changed the mission rules so we can now baptize the whole family in this change if they all come to church. Fran has come three times in a row now and already told us that she wants to serve a mission! We found a few other families with a ton of potential so we are really excited, but there isn´t much more to report. We went to the Safari in Rancagua todayy! That was tons of fun, and I have photos! The problem is I forgot to take off my hat so my face is super dark in just about all of them...oh well at least it covers up the ugly parts. This week was super great and I hope all of yours´ were too. I love you all and will see you soon!


Elder Sayler

Going to the Safari!!!
This Toucan knows what´s up...I just hope its a girl

This is why we don´t worship idols...

My Zebra buddy

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  1. Hola Elder Sayler: the pictures are so nice of you to share it is always great to see pictures from other countries and I see that you are enjoying your time there.I love the toucan bird it is beautiful, did she bite you ??? It appears that you are also having some wonderful spiritual experiences that is great for you we will be glad to hear you tell of your experiences there. We pray for the missionaries to be safe and have a great success of you being guided to the doors of the people that are seeking the gospel~!! Hope that you have a wonderful week. Parker is doing well in Brazil he had his first transfer a few weeks ago and is now in Receife I think. I am not so savy about the actually lay out of the land ther. We send you our love and prayers ~!! Love Ed & Jan Wagley