Thursday, February 25, 2016

God's Greatest Creation

All I have this week are a bunch of photos of us walking in a field...

Wow time is really weird in the mission. Sometimes it feels like its flying by, but sometimes it feels like it goes on forever. My companion tells me that based on my dedication to the mission the time will go faster or slower...but I think that time is going at the same speed it always does and that it just depends on how busy your week was. Every day is a new day in the mission. I love to see all the people that are coming to Christ. That is the best part of the mission - seeing people change their lives to become disciples of Christ. This week we saw a few examples of that. As always, our Golden Investigator, Fran, is doing super great. She is always excited to see us and to learn more and always has great questions for us. She is a little stressed right now because she is looking for a dress that we can baptize her in and she can´t find one that she likes. Also her family is having some problems right now that we are all working really hard to conquer, but the problem is her dad isn´t super excited to accept the gospel...yet. Fran and her mom and her little sister came to stake conference. This was the best stake conference I have ever seen. There were a lot of talks about the roles of women because a lot of the families here are a little sexist. Alicia (Mama de Fran) was crying and then the choir sang families can be together forever and wow it was super great and she was crying even more. The last talk was super great as well. The speaker said that every artist in history saves his best work as his last one. This is the same with God. After creating the earth and everything, he created man. After creating man, God created woman, as his last work of creation. Woman is the greatest creation of God. And that´s how it ended. It was really spiritual and a really great talk. We are doing really well here in Cachapoal. Elder SepĂșlveda and I love it here. Changes are in about two weeks, so we´ll see if I go or if I´m going to stay here for more time. I think I´m going to train. Or its going to be a white-wash (two new missionaries in a sector). We were able to give a blessing of health to one of our investigators who was sick this week and that was an awesome experience. We love our investigators and hopefully they love us as well. We are doing everything we can to make a difference here and we are seeing a ton of blessings and miracles. Something that helps a ton is reading the scriptures every day and saying your prayers. Have faith to ask for miracles and expect to receive them based on your worthiness and need. Always pray for enlightenment and revelation through scripture study. Everything we can do to come closer to Christ will be for our benefit. I love you guys and will see you all soon-ish!

Elder Sayler

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