Monday, February 29, 2016

Elder Bednar and My 1st Mission Bike Wreck


Hermana Clementina forgot that we had lunch
 with her, but it was still the best
This week was super great! Elder Bednar was in South America; in Chile and then in Argentina. He did a few video conferences with us and the youth of the church and the mission presidents and other people. We came with Fran to the video chat with Elder Bednar and it was super great and Fran said she learned a ton. Then the next day we had a video conference with Elder Bednar about missionary work and it was super great and super spiritual. It was all focused on receiving revelation for our sectors and investigators and let me tell you, the revelation was flowing. We learned a ton about what we need to do better and teach better and I know that it will help a ton in our sectors. Fran is super great. She´s going to get baptised this Saturday and we are all super excited for it. Her dad, unfortunately, told us that he´s not interested in reading or praying about anything that we have for him so his baptism date for the 26th of March fell through. Fran is still super excited for the baptism though. We pass by almost every day to check in and teach something or talk about something she read in the Book of Mormon. We had her write her testimony for us and we are going to print off a ton for the baptism. It talks about how she used to be athiest, but then the gospel changed her life. She is awesome. I´ll send you guys a copy and you can Google Translate it or something because it is super great. Heavenly Father truly is a God of Miracles (The Book of Mormon in The Book of Mormon, Chapter 9).
My big fall from the crap bike
 I went on...divisiones...(I don´t know what it is in english, but its when you change your companion for the day) and I went to Requinoa and got to ride bicycles! I was so stoked. Then I broke the bicycle. Actually, it was so old that it was going to give out anyway and I was the pork that broke it. We were riding and there was a hole in the ground that I couldn´t avoid so I popped a quick wheelie to go over it and not brake the wheel or the crap suspension and when my wheel touched the ground the wheel bent, the forked arms that hold the wheel bent, and the frame of the bicycle itself bent. Luckily, Requinoa was going to get new bicycles two days later, and I wasn´t doing anything stupid so we don´t have to replace it. I ripped my shirt pretty good after the handle bars stabbed me in the gut. Luckily my abs are so ripped that it only left a small bruise. The only other injury is a fat bruise on my knee. We had a super awesome week. The spirit was so strong every day and we got a ton done. I´m excited because we will know about our changes this Saturday. I wouldn´t mind staying one more change in Cachapoal. My goal is to stay here and train a new missionary, but its not really a goal because there isn´t anything I can do to achieve it, but hope and wait. Anyway, life is good and I´m super excited to see where it takes me. I love you guys and will see you in a few months.


Elder Sayler
I don´t know if I already sent this or not,
 but we had seven people in the smallest car in the world
 - welcome to Chile

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