Monday, February 1, 2016

Contacts and Contactos

I eat too many of these things...BUT THEY`RE SO GOOD!!!
Wow everything is passing by while I`m in the mission! Madi is getting married, Dad got his promotion, Mom`s classroom doesn`t have lice, and Meredith is going to Disneyland soon. And I`m in Chile for another year and a half. It still feels like a really long time...but everyone tells me that its not! I think I will be an uncle by the time I get home, to be honest. And yes I finally got my package! Thank you so much! I LOVE my contacts! I am making sure to clean them everyday and to make sure that I don`t do anything dumb with them. Its all super great except my companion is eating my snacks. He also opened the package `for me`. Oh well, lets just say that I`ve learned a lot of lessons on patience and humility this week. 
Look who we found in Chile again!
If you don`t get it, say the name out loud.
If you don`t get it after that I`m sorry.
We did a ton this week, but I feel like I don`t have anything to report for some reason... we are teaching this girl named Fran. She`s 15. She was atheist until we met her and taught her about God and now she believes. She came to a Family Home Evening that we do in the church every Friday and then she and her family came to church on Sunday! They`re all awesome. She invited her friend Cristina to one of our lessons and now we are teaching Cristina and her parents the gospel. They aren`t willing to be baptized yet, but they have tons of questions and they thought the lesson La Restauraciòn was super good so we`ll see how it goes this week. We might be getting bicycles this week and that will be an interesting experience with all the dogs around here, but we`ll be safe and careful. We found the best completo store with the best completos I have ever had and we eat there too much now...but they`re soooooo good! Ummm...well I think that`s just about what happened this week. Sometimes it feels like we`ve done all that we can and nothing happens in a whole week, but sometimes we do all we can and we know that the Lord is blessing us for it. Life`s good down here and I hope all is well over there. I love you guys!

Elder Sayler

                        Vì una columna de luz, màs brillante que el sol, 
                                 directamente arriba de mi cabeza...` 
        (`I saw a pillar of light, brighter than the sun, exactly above my head...)

Another reason why I love Chile - there are fruit trees everywhere in the streets!
These are Ciruelas Blancas - White Plums!

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