Monday, February 29, 2016

Elder Bednar and My 1st Mission Bike Wreck


Hermana Clementina forgot that we had lunch
 with her, but it was still the best
This week was super great! Elder Bednar was in South America; in Chile and then in Argentina. He did a few video conferences with us and the youth of the church and the mission presidents and other people. We came with Fran to the video chat with Elder Bednar and it was super great and Fran said she learned a ton. Then the next day we had a video conference with Elder Bednar about missionary work and it was super great and super spiritual. It was all focused on receiving revelation for our sectors and investigators and let me tell you, the revelation was flowing. We learned a ton about what we need to do better and teach better and I know that it will help a ton in our sectors. Fran is super great. She´s going to get baptised this Saturday and we are all super excited for it. Her dad, unfortunately, told us that he´s not interested in reading or praying about anything that we have for him so his baptism date for the 26th of March fell through. Fran is still super excited for the baptism though. We pass by almost every day to check in and teach something or talk about something she read in the Book of Mormon. We had her write her testimony for us and we are going to print off a ton for the baptism. It talks about how she used to be athiest, but then the gospel changed her life. She is awesome. I´ll send you guys a copy and you can Google Translate it or something because it is super great. Heavenly Father truly is a God of Miracles (The Book of Mormon in The Book of Mormon, Chapter 9).
My big fall from the crap bike
 I went on...divisiones...(I don´t know what it is in english, but its when you change your companion for the day) and I went to Requinoa and got to ride bicycles! I was so stoked. Then I broke the bicycle. Actually, it was so old that it was going to give out anyway and I was the pork that broke it. We were riding and there was a hole in the ground that I couldn´t avoid so I popped a quick wheelie to go over it and not brake the wheel or the crap suspension and when my wheel touched the ground the wheel bent, the forked arms that hold the wheel bent, and the frame of the bicycle itself bent. Luckily, Requinoa was going to get new bicycles two days later, and I wasn´t doing anything stupid so we don´t have to replace it. I ripped my shirt pretty good after the handle bars stabbed me in the gut. Luckily my abs are so ripped that it only left a small bruise. The only other injury is a fat bruise on my knee. We had a super awesome week. The spirit was so strong every day and we got a ton done. I´m excited because we will know about our changes this Saturday. I wouldn´t mind staying one more change in Cachapoal. My goal is to stay here and train a new missionary, but its not really a goal because there isn´t anything I can do to achieve it, but hope and wait. Anyway, life is good and I´m super excited to see where it takes me. I love you guys and will see you in a few months.


Elder Sayler
I don´t know if I already sent this or not,
 but we had seven people in the smallest car in the world
 - welcome to Chile

Thursday, February 25, 2016

God's Greatest Creation

All I have this week are a bunch of photos of us walking in a field...

Wow time is really weird in the mission. Sometimes it feels like its flying by, but sometimes it feels like it goes on forever. My companion tells me that based on my dedication to the mission the time will go faster or slower...but I think that time is going at the same speed it always does and that it just depends on how busy your week was. Every day is a new day in the mission. I love to see all the people that are coming to Christ. That is the best part of the mission - seeing people change their lives to become disciples of Christ. This week we saw a few examples of that. As always, our Golden Investigator, Fran, is doing super great. She is always excited to see us and to learn more and always has great questions for us. She is a little stressed right now because she is looking for a dress that we can baptize her in and she can´t find one that she likes. Also her family is having some problems right now that we are all working really hard to conquer, but the problem is her dad isn´t super excited to accept the gospel...yet. Fran and her mom and her little sister came to stake conference. This was the best stake conference I have ever seen. There were a lot of talks about the roles of women because a lot of the families here are a little sexist. Alicia (Mama de Fran) was crying and then the choir sang families can be together forever and wow it was super great and she was crying even more. The last talk was super great as well. The speaker said that every artist in history saves his best work as his last one. This is the same with God. After creating the earth and everything, he created man. After creating man, God created woman, as his last work of creation. Woman is the greatest creation of God. And that´s how it ended. It was really spiritual and a really great talk. We are doing really well here in Cachapoal. Elder Sepúlveda and I love it here. Changes are in about two weeks, so we´ll see if I go or if I´m going to stay here for more time. I think I´m going to train. Or its going to be a white-wash (two new missionaries in a sector). We were able to give a blessing of health to one of our investigators who was sick this week and that was an awesome experience. We love our investigators and hopefully they love us as well. We are doing everything we can to make a difference here and we are seeing a ton of blessings and miracles. Something that helps a ton is reading the scriptures every day and saying your prayers. Have faith to ask for miracles and expect to receive them based on your worthiness and need. Always pray for enlightenment and revelation through scripture study. Everything we can do to come closer to Christ will be for our benefit. I love you guys and will see you all soon-ish!

Elder Sayler

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Safari Trip

We found Churrascos for 5 lucas, but they´re a whole KILOGRAM!

This is called ´Pastel do Choclo¨ or ´Corn Cake´
Its like a corn bread with ground beef and sauce and
 chicken beneath - and this one was HUGE!
Another one of my favorite lunches from one of
my favorite people in the mission, Hermana Clementina Galarce!

This week wasn´t super action filled, but it was super great regardless. We have an investigator named Fran that is going to be baptized soon. We really have a good relationship with her and her family. Her mom got baptized about ten years ago, but we can´t find her records anywhere so we might get to rebaptize her. The last time she didn´t even know what the Book of Mormon was so this time we are going to do it right. She is praying to know the truth of our message. The father is a little hard though. His fathers are both Evangelica pastors so he has some very firm beliefs that are very hard to conquer. For example they asked us if the Evangelical Church doesn´t have the authority of God (priesthood) how can they see ´miracles´and speek in tongues. That was hard to answer. Afterward we read The Family: A Proclamation to the World and
testified until the mom and Fran were crying. Because of the power of the spirit, not out of boredom or anything. And they just changed the mission rules so we can now baptize the whole family in this change if they all come to church. Fran has come three times in a row now and already told us that she wants to serve a mission! We found a few other families with a ton of potential so we are really excited, but there isn´t much more to report. We went to the Safari in Rancagua todayy! That was tons of fun, and I have photos! The problem is I forgot to take off my hat so my face is super dark in just about all of them...oh well at least it covers up the ugly parts. This week was super great and I hope all of yours´ were too. I love you all and will see you soon!


Elder Sayler

Going to the Safari!!!
This Toucan knows what´s up...I just hope its a girl

This is why we don´t worship idols...

My Zebra buddy

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hiking and Bad English


We went to the mountains today
Our plaques
HAPPY ANNIVERSITY!!!!!!! in 5 days jajaja. Oh well I can´t email you guys or Skype then so whatever. This week was pretty good. We have been working really hard and falling asleep during our studies. We also ran out of gas today so that´s awesome. Looks like we´re going to be showering in cold water until we have time to buy gas. We went and hiked up a mountain today as a zone. Finally something fun! I´m sorry Mom, but I forgot to sunscreen my arms, only the back of my neck. My arms are a little toasty, but in reality its not too bad. This week we met with an old investigator from a few months ago with some Sister Missionaries. We talked to him about the Restoration and he accepted a baptism date for the 5th of March. We have also been talking a lot with our investigadora that was athiest and she taught a Family Home Evening for a bunch of members and investigators in the chapel. During that she bore her testimony about how she believes in God and Jesus Christ. A few days later we were talking to her and her family and we asked her to be baptized and she said yes for the 5th of March. She said that she was feeling like she needed to get baptized before we asked, but never brought it up. Fran is her name. She´s what we call a ´Golden Investigator´ (Investigadora de Oro). We had three investigators in the chapel for church this last Sunday, too, and that was a huge blessing. Elder Sepúlveda and I both learned that both of us had fasted that Fran would feel the need to get baptized and would accept a baptism date, so that, too, was an answer to our prayers and a huge blessing. Wow I feel like so much happened this week, yet there isn´t very much to write about. You can buy a huge watermelon here from anywhere between $1.000 - $3.000 which is about $1.25 - $4.65 in the United States, so needless to say, we eat a ton of watermelon. Also cantaloupe and honeydew melon, but those are more expensive. Brother Ramirez, a super awesome member gave me an awesome gift. Its a copy of ´The Miracle of Forgiveness´, but its leather-bound and in spanish and super old. Its a copy that the church produces exclusively for the Church Educational System Leaders or something like that. He´s super great and I am reading it because its now allowed in the mission. Well, this is about all that happened this week, I can´t wait to see you all again soon!


Elder Sayler

PS lol Anniversary, I couldn't remember the word in english -Oh my gosh my english is bad, I couldn´t remember the word in english

Monday, February 1, 2016

Contacts and Contactos

I eat too many of these things...BUT THEY`RE SO GOOD!!!
Wow everything is passing by while I`m in the mission! Madi is getting married, Dad got his promotion, Mom`s classroom doesn`t have lice, and Meredith is going to Disneyland soon. And I`m in Chile for another year and a half. It still feels like a really long time...but everyone tells me that its not! I think I will be an uncle by the time I get home, to be honest. And yes I finally got my package! Thank you so much! I LOVE my contacts! I am making sure to clean them everyday and to make sure that I don`t do anything dumb with them. Its all super great except my companion is eating my snacks. He also opened the package `for me`. Oh well, lets just say that I`ve learned a lot of lessons on patience and humility this week. 
Look who we found in Chile again!
If you don`t get it, say the name out loud.
If you don`t get it after that I`m sorry.
We did a ton this week, but I feel like I don`t have anything to report for some reason... we are teaching this girl named Fran. She`s 15. She was atheist until we met her and taught her about God and now she believes. She came to a Family Home Evening that we do in the church every Friday and then she and her family came to church on Sunday! They`re all awesome. She invited her friend Cristina to one of our lessons and now we are teaching Cristina and her parents the gospel. They aren`t willing to be baptized yet, but they have tons of questions and they thought the lesson La Restauraciòn was super good so we`ll see how it goes this week. We might be getting bicycles this week and that will be an interesting experience with all the dogs around here, but we`ll be safe and careful. We found the best completo store with the best completos I have ever had and we eat there too much now...but they`re soooooo good! Ummm...well I think that`s just about what happened this week. Sometimes it feels like we`ve done all that we can and nothing happens in a whole week, but sometimes we do all we can and we know that the Lord is blessing us for it. Life`s good down here and I hope all is well over there. I love you guys!

Elder Sayler

                        Vì una columna de luz, màs brillante que el sol, 
                                 directamente arriba de mi cabeza...` 
        (`I saw a pillar of light, brighter than the sun, exactly above my head...)

Another reason why I love Chile - there are fruit trees everywhere in the streets!
These are Ciruelas Blancas - White Plums!