Monday, January 4, 2016

Emergency Room

My first mate (mah-te)!

So this week was...interesting. We had to be in the casa at 7:00 on New Years so that was pretty lame. We just stayed up eating sushi and drinking mate (mah-te) all night long until the fireworks show was over. It was cool. We lost a ton of our investigators for vacations this week and last week and Rancagua is almost empty. Literally the day after New Year`s Year`s...I guess...there were like three people on bicycles and that`s it in the whole city. Well, and lots of drunk people. 
Christmas lunch with one of my favorite people in our ward
 - Hermana Clementina Galarce
Then on Friday night we had some major problems. I started feeling sick at about 10:00 that night and then I woke up at about midnight and started throwing up. I threw up almost nonstop until about 2:00 (at that point I was just throwing up bile). Then I woke up every 15 minutes or so to go puke. Then I started yelling things in English and Spanish in my sleep and while I was awake. My companion said I was delirious. We put my bed on the floor in the front  room and I was yelling and in tons of pain and puking everywhere. I was also shaking like I was having a seizure. The Nurse said it was an involuntary muscle spasm (in my entire body) to the pain. During this entire time we were talking back and forth with the Medical staff. They eventually came around at about 5:00 to come and see me. We ended up going to the hospital at about 5:40 and I felt like I was dying. We got to the hospital and they put me on an IV for a few hours and that helped a lot. Then we took some Echographs (Ultra-sound) and MRI`s to see what`s up. It turns out that I had a Gasto-intestinal infection. I have four pills (antibiotics) to take every 8 hours. I also can`t eat anything except for rice and yoghurt for a few more days. My companion is doing well, but he might be catching the virus. We are going to go to our sector today to work because the last few days I have been in the casa sleeping. I`m feeling a lot better and want some rice choufan, but I have to stick with white rice. Well, that was my week. This next week is going to be a lot better. I hope your weeks were better too. I love you guys.


Elder Sayler

So naturally I had many tears and questions after this email - Brian emailed the mission home for info and Pres. Warne responded almost immediately, which we really appreciated. Our questions are in blue, Pres. Warne's responses are in red . - Did Thomas pay for his care already or do we need to reimburse the Mission Office for medical expenses or we will be billed? There is no expense to the family in this situation as we cover all medical expenses here in the field unless there is some underlying pre-mission condition. How is Thomas now? The other night he was having serious pain and ultimately he was taken to the emergency room here in Rancagua.  The nurse and her husband were there and helping with the doctors.  We at first thought he had appendicitis and there were indications of that being the case.  However, ultimately it was determined that he had a bad intestinal infection.  He is on medication right now and the nurse told me today that he is doing better albeit  he is still a sick young man.  We do not know what caused it but the fact that he is responding to the medications is a good sign.  We will take him back if this does not solve the problem. 

I just have to say that my mom heart is still tender at the thought of my boy being so very sick so very far away but I am comforted to hear he is improving. Prayers are appreciated.

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  1. Please ask for another update to be sure he is continuing to feel better and is able to return to his previous activities. I would like to know the names and dosages of the Medication he is taking. Definitely in my prayers.