Monday, January 25, 2016

Cachapoal, Cristobal and Completos

Hola Todos!

Baptism of Cristobal!
Wow the weeks are flying by quick. On the 12 of February I will have completed 6 months since I left home. That means my mission is almost 1/4 complete! Changes are in - Im staying in Cachapoal A, Rancagua for another 6 weeks with Elder SepĂșlveda. I haven´t received the package yet, but I am waiting for it to come in. I´m super excited! We baptized Cristobal this week - it was a beautiful experience and a huge blessing from the Lord. We confirmed him on Sunday and now he will officially be a member when we have turned in all the paperwork. Wow. So much has happened I find it hard to remember it all. Every
Filling the font for the baptism
 day is a really good day here in Chile. I´ve learned how to study the scriptures and so I´m learning a ton about the gospel, even though one hour of studying every day isn´t nearly enough! My birthday was super good! There is a family here (I think I may have mentioned them before as my family away from my family) called the familia Madrid. We had lunch with them even though their new granddaughter just came home from the hospital that same day and then that night they threw us a fiesta! We ate tons of completos, which are some of my favorite foods in Chile!!!!!!!!!! And its funny because all they are is a high quality hot dog on delicious bread with tomato and avocado and mayo and ketchup. But they are soooo good. This week we were looking in the area book at the records of past investigators and we decided to pass by one of them. She is 15 years old and was investigating two years ago, but stopped investigating because she turned athiest. Now she believes in God again and is progressing super quickly. She reads every chapter we leave her to read in the Book of Mormon and then afterward reads more chapters at random in the book. I think she is going to get baptized. All of our other investigators are out of town so we are just looking for more people to teach. Well that was my week, I hope yours´were just as good if not better!
Service with Hermana Clementina

I love you guys! See you soon!

Elder Sayler

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